7 Games that’ll Piss off Your Girlfriend this Valentine’s Day

GameDynamo - "We’re gamers, so there’s a good chance a significant other isn’t even in the picture. However, if you’ve hobbled yourself with a ball and chain, we’ve compiled a list of games that are guaranteed to absolutely kill the mood and make the statement: “Hey, my games matter more than you. Deal with it!”"

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S25803779d ago

its not just your girlfriend that black ops will piss off !

Zinc3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )


I know there have been times where I've totally neglected my girlfriend... and really all she wants is to spend time with me, because she loves me and likes being with me.

Games are great and I currently don't see me changing how I like to enjoy my time, but I will always make time for her, because it's the least I can do for her, seeing how she puts up with my dumb ass.

Honest_gamer3779d ago

Mt girlfriend was staying over last weekend and I just got batman.....spent the whole weekend playing that game she was pissed of but meh the game was awesome cant wait till the 2nd one ill just play it when m not with her haha

Aarix3779d ago

I was thinking call of duty 1-7

Sarobi3778d ago

this is entirely vice versa to me.. my girlfriend plays minecraft.. a game that i find very boring.. (well watching her play that is..)

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