Halo 3 Campaign doesn't disappoint... or amaze

The resulting Halo 3 delivers an excellent, if not groundbreaking campaign. A fairly average Halo player, can defeat the campaign mode in about 8 hours. But those things don't hold back Halo 3. Really, the worst thing that can be said is that it isn't the best game of all time.

Bungie appears to have gone back into the game and addressed most of the complaints leveled at previous versions of the game - but that's about it. But for almost everyone, that's quite enough.

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TheMART4139d ago

Better said:

"But those things don't hold back Halo 3. Really, the worst thing that can be said is that it isn't the best game of all time."

If that's the worst thing that can be said... It can be one of the best games ever, just running up close to the best game of all time. Seen the average score on the game up till now, the 360 has another AAA rated game in its hands. Just after Bioshock, the next big hit. Mass Effect exclusive AAA upcoming, the PS3 is getting behind far... Because: Heavenly Sword with 5 hours of gameplay on a BluRay disc doesn't sound next gen to me. The combination of Gears of War, Oblivion, Bioshock, Halo 3, Mass Effect and more, combined with a premium online service does sound next gen to me.

nanometric4138d ago

So, now it is already 5hrs? lol What next 3hrs long, 1hr? lol You fanboys need to get laid or sumthin... "A fairly average Halo player, can defeat the campaign mode in about 8 hours." and three hours more is a lot better right?- not bashing halo, but common mart needs to take his brain out of the jar and put it back in!

ericnellie4138d ago

I can tell that lightning doesn't own a 360. Halo has never been all about the single player action. It's been about balance - coop, single, and multiplayer! I just think Sony fanboys are a little jealous because they don't have the software to go up against M$ this time around. Just keep playing RfoM, Ridge Racer, and Lair. If you want to talk about short games -- Heavenly Sword! Nuff Said!!

WafflesID4138d ago

I still can't figure out why Blue Dragon isn't listed as one of the AAA games when people start listing off the libary of titles for the 360.

Just barely finished it (didn't feel like doing a FEW of the side tasks) after putting in 65 hours...and I loved that damn game. VERY well done.

Anyhoo, that is beside the point. I find it interesting that I catch a LOT of crap around here anytime I say anything bad about the single player campaigns in Halo 1 and 2 and yet, every single review I've read so far has echoed my sentiments.

It sounds like Halo 3 addresses all my complaints with the first two. anyhoo, it's 11:30pm. time to head off to gamestop :)

mighty_douche4138d ago

i was hoping that the single player would of been greatly improved after the lack-luster halo 2 campaign. im starting to get a little angry at developers lately, all their time and effort seems to go into mutliplayer and they just stick on a single player mode as the after thought.
maybe people want different things from games than me but i know i still believe that the single player should get equal if not more attention than the multiplayer.

Daz4138d ago

Make you own mind up and play it for youself dont go on some revier.

wingzero4138d ago


Sgt_Bon3head4138d ago

Use ur brain, if Halo 3 really sux, do u think millions of people will que up in front of stores to buy it? Millions of people cant go wrong. And if u still disagree, go play your delaystation.

RageofReaper4138d ago

now theres negative reviews, by impartial reviewers, and then theres negative reviews, by people who know, even before playing the game, that they're going to slate it. thats why this review comes accross as one of those instances where one man just wants to be talked about.

'oh my god, did he just say halo isnt good?!?!'

a bit of attention seeking. he was no doubt looking forward to getting his point out there, as its sooo different from 99% of the reviews.

he basically slates the game from top to bottom, not oce pausing for thought as to why exactly the gameplay feels similair to halo 1 and 2 (quick hint genius, its part of a series, why would it be changed. what do you want, free roaming GTA halo?) he slates corridoor design, but negates to mention the scale of outside locations and battles. he slates a story which has been told progressively over 2 games, and the 3rd one is to wrap it all up, not send it off on other tangents.

yeah, people are entitled to their opinions, but when its some snotty asshole sat somewhere whos only poraogative is to cause a fuss, its hardly the most worthwhile of 'reviews'

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