IGN: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Review

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is an incredibly flashy, fun and kinetic fighting game, one that contains an unbelievable amount of depth. Beloved characters return to the fold while new arrivals, though bearing their own signature styles, have some similarities to classics that didn't make the cut. MvC3 also manages to dig up some very obscure Marvel and Capcom heroes and villains, which will no doubt please longtime fans of both worlds. Less impressive, however, is the lack of diversity when it comes to the game's modes. If you're looking for an expansive, varied fighting game experience, it's nowhere to be found.

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Mystickay864615d ago

Yeah, pretty good accurate score.

Random - I wish they added Vergil. :p

Crystallis4615d ago

I was hoping they would add Vergil as well. maybe DLC I hope.

ShinMaster4615d ago

I was hoping for Megaman, Venom, Bison, Ken, Guile, Zangief or any other character that's better than C. Viper....

Kevin ButIer4615d ago

Lol yes i was really impressed they included C Viper, i think its more of a balance roster thing. Still i got to admit that i bloody miss venom

anasurimbor4615d ago

I wish Vergil was in it from the beginning instead of Trish (Trish is ok though) just so him and Dante could have unique dialogue. I wanted to hear them talk about "being late to the party" and making "preparations for the bash" one last time.

LightofDarkness4615d ago

I'd say it'll be an alternate costume for Dante.

ApexHell4615d ago

just saying but one of weskers alternate colors is based on vergil :p

disparage4615d ago

It wouldn't make sense to make that an alt. for Dante, seeing as him and Vergil have two totally different fighting styles.

RockmanII74615d ago

Captain America has a Punisher alt. costume and they would play nothing alike.

Stealth20k4615d ago

capcom side= great

marvel side= a disaster of clones and obscure characters

Its funny because in 2 it was the opposite

ApexHell4615d ago

do you even know what a clone is lol ? someone who has a same moveset as another character other than 1 or 2 specials.

and that they are faster, slower, stronger, weaker

each character in this game has unique movesets thats why the roster is smaller.

like ken an ryu

or in smash bros brawl, wolf,fox,falco

disparage4615d ago

I think he's referring to She-Hulk and X-23...well She-Hulk isn't a clone per se...but X-23 on the other hand is questionable.

MidnytRain4615d ago

Super Smash Bros. is the worst example I've played. Including all those clone characters was a pointless idea: Pikachu and Pichu, Fox and Falco, Captain Falcon and Ganondorf, (Doctor) Mario and Luigi, Roy and Marth, etc. It seemed like Nintendo was just trying to boost the roster count.

Tikicobra4615d ago

I really want this game, but with so many other awesome games coming out I might have to wait for a price drop.

Wizziokid4615d ago

same here, if only games where cheaper!

MidnytRain4615d ago

I certainly wish games were cheaper. I also wish I had more time so I wouldn't feel like I had to rush through them. I chose LBP2 over KZ3 and MvC3.

jjohan354615d ago

Price drops always occur 1 month after release for almost all fighting games.

ABizzel14615d ago

Buy it at K-Mart and get a $25 credit towards your next purchase, and if Killzone 3 is that next purchase you can use the $25 credit it KZ3 bringing it down to $35 and you'll receive another $20 credit for buying KZ3 from K-Mart.

K-Mart may be a retailer on the verge of death, but they have some of the best video game deals around.

Tikicobra4615d ago

Do you get credit for every game you buy?

ABizzel14615d ago

Last week they had buy LBP2 or Mass Effect 2 get 50% off another game.

This week it's buy MvsC3 get a $25 credit towards next purchase.

And next week it's suppose to be buy KZ3 get $20 off your next purchase.

Myst4615d ago

Tomorrow! *twiddles thumbs in anticipation*