Resident Evil: Extinction Movie Review

Gaming Target reviews the third and final Resident Evil movie saying it "provides a fitting and satisfying end to the series" and that it features "some great zombie carnage" that fans of the series will enjoy.

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d3l33t4044d ago

it was Awesome, i highly suggest to anyone who likes watching people getting eaten alive, this movie is a must.not to mention all the @ss beating

kamisama4044d ago

It was a good movie but the ending wasnt the best

SwiderMan4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

I haven't seent the first 2. Is it need? (Also, heard the 2nd one sucked if I remember correctly?).

d3l33t4044d ago

it will help, as the characters (some) are derived from past movies, but it is not needed

SwiderMan4044d ago

Good to know. I don't feel like being lost, but I don't feel like going back to watch the past movies. Seeing how this one's so good, according to John and there's NOTHING out right now, maybe I will just see it anyway. Definitely not seeing Good Luck Chuck.

Asylumchild4044d ago

That couldent have been the last one....
It ended as if there would be more....

It would be sweet if they made the next one and it began with all the clones coming up on the elevator and going up and owning the rest of the zoombies aroudn the fencing area lol damn that cant be the last resident evil movie

jackdoe4044d ago

My god, the RE movies have all been god awful.

SwiderMan4044d ago

DId you see the third one, though?

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