Kojima divulges new MGS4 details

The granddaddy of Metal Gear talks up the savvy new gameplay features in Snake's PS3 adventure. If there's one PS3 game worth getting excited about at the moment, it's the graphically spectacular fourth entry in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, and in another recent interview with PSM2 mag, series mastermind Hideo Kojima revealed some more tasty new gameplay details.

In the interview the MGS father details Snake's new camouflage suit the "Octo Cam." As seen in the excellent E3 trailer Snake's suit will change form and colour depending on his surroundings. As revealed by Kojima, this will happen automatically when Snake is immobile, and apparently the its fancy graphical effect is only possible on the PlayStation 3.

Also revealed in the interview is the extent of MGS4's interactive environments, most of which will apparently be destructible.

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Retard6561d ago

Does make me wonder what parts makes it hard (or impossible?) to run on Xbox360, wish he would tell us.

Bill Nye6561d ago (Edited 6561d ago )

Nothing. It would run on 360 just fine. Previously Kojima has said MGS is a PlayStation franchise, and that's why it's on PS3. But I think he means that the camo suit would not be possibly on current-gen hardware.

Shadow Flare6561d ago

"As revealed by Kojima, this will happen automatically when Snake is immobile, and apparently its fancy graphical effect is only possible on the PlayStation 3"

Bill Nye6561d ago

Ok. If you can't get past the fanboy in you and think a small effect like real-time camouflage can't be done on any hardware besides the PS3, good for you. I'll stay with objectivity.

zypher6561d ago

he's simply stating what Kojima said. whats unobjective about that? seems to me that you aren't being objective, as to assume Kojima meant one thing when he said something almost entirely different.

Bill Nye6561d ago

I'm being objective by not being affected by the name "PlayStation 3." I'm being objective by thinking about the statement logically.

1) Kojima hasn't developed for the 360, thus he can't necessarily say that it wouldn't work on it. Perhaps if he later ported it to 360 he'd find out.

2) Kojima HAS worked with PS2, which acts as a good indication of what frame of reference he's in.

It's just like all the first party developers for Sony saying how much is possible with PS3. They only say PS3 because that's all they're working with, not because 360 isn't equally or nearly as capable.

zypher6561d ago

then objectively speaking how can you say that the 360 is able to handle MGS4? using your logic even if Kojima said the 360 could handle MGS4 he wouldn't know for sure, because he has never actually worked as a developer for the 360, as you just said. you can't accept one comment as valid but then disavow the other comment under the argument of objectivity

Bill Nye6561d ago

Well, Kojima has said it would be possible to develop MGS4 on 360, but you're right in saying that comment would not be based on any experience on his part, just from specifications and in terms of developing a new game. Anyway, my argument was that in his statement about the camo only being possible on PS3 he's talking about PS2 and other current-gen platforms for reasons I've already stated.

But my comment from my first reply regarding it being possible on 360 stems from the conclusion that Kojima is referring to only current-gen. So, my comment about 360 being able to do it is entirely my own based on my own observation of specifications and games for 360. Do you honestly believe that ONLY the PS3 can create such an effect? Or are you just nitpicking about 'objectivity'?

zypher6560d ago

well, if you wanna look at it that way, i guess i was nitpicking. either way i was just stating facts. as i saw it, i just didn't think it was fair to accept one pro-360 comment from Kojima, but then objectively deny the pro-PS3 (thus anti-360) comment using the logic that he has no experience with the 360. as it stands, even though i find your logic not necessarily objective in this instance, i still see where you're coming from. to set the record straight: yes, i do believe that the 360 is capable of rendering MGS4 with nearly all the special fx (including camouflage, which if i'm not mistaking the original XBox was able to do to some extent) as the PS3. however, i STILL believe that should Kojima port MGS4 to the 360 it won't have the same graphical flare as its PS3 brethren; it'll be akin to, say, the difference between RE4 on the PS2 as opposed to the Gamecube; a negligible difference, but an apparent difference nevertheless.

while we're on the subject of graphics, personally, i wouldn't even quantify MGS4 as the cream-of-the-crop in PS3 graphics. that honor i would bestow upon Heavy Rain, though marginally.

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neeharb6561d ago

YOU see now i told you Ps3 is trying to get invisible itself !!!! what a bunch of loosers!!
if you cant live up to the hype then dont create it !!!

jedicurt6561d ago

a great man once said, "rambling without coordinated thought and direction is the first sign of incompetence". Thank you for proving that neeharb

ssj046561d ago (Edited 6561d ago )

Did you two even read the article? he is just talking about the games and both of you here bashing the interview? The fawk is wrong with you two? It's just an interview about the game dude get a grip.

ssj046561d ago

Sorry Jedicurt, I didn't really red your comment. My comment was direct at Needharb.... Sorry for the confusion.

Moostache6561d ago

Now I am not the world's biggest fan of MGS games (just think the plots are too crazy to be fun and I have never recovered from the idea of sneaking past someone while wearing a cardboard box too take it all that seriously - (maybe to my greater loss, but it is what it is...)but I think it is very likely Sony took offense to Hideo's earlier interview stating that MGS4 could easily have been on XB360 and "convincing" him that he should temper those public statements.

Maybe, maybe not. But I think it is funny he would have such a drastic change of heart as to say that something is now "only possible on PS3" when a few weeks ago it was something different altogether. I am relatively sure that the PS3 has not suddenly become more powerful in the intervening 3 weeks and the 360 surely hasn't become less powerful since it is already out.

Methinks this smells of dammage control. Surely Sony was none-too-please with its ace developer making flattering statements about programming opossibilities on a rival machine when they are tryign to market the PS3 as the clearly more powerful machine...


Methinks I'll agree, and i thought you're the one needed changing.lol

OutLaw6561d ago

I don't think Sony has that type of pull to tell a company like Konami what to do. Hey, We all know what konami could do with a game like this. But I wouldn't say that this game would never go over to the 360. Sony has alot to prove with the PS3. Not just make the system great, but convince us why we should own the system besides the blu ray technology.

PS cute baby.

zypher6561d ago

i remember the comment, but i don't remember him saying "easily." i'll be the first PS fan to say that i think MGS4 is possible on the 360, but WITH a marginal decrease in graphical flare, such as Kojima inferred with his current comment. besides, some developers (such as Carmmack) who actually prefer the 360 over the PS3 due to ease of development have went on record as saying that the PS3 is over-all more powerful than the 360, and that the differences will become apparent in the near-to-distant future.

OutLaw6561d ago

I could argue with you about every spec of both systems. But it will be pointless. The psp is more stronger than the DS but right now the edge goes to the DS. The dreamcast was just as strong (and in my opinion stronger) than the PS2. But people preferred the PS2. So power of the system doesn't always translate to game companies making games for it. It's us the consumers who make that choice and also makes a difference for what succeeds and what doesn't.

zypher6561d ago

oh, i agree, which is why i don't have a PSP anymore. games matter more than graphics. my post was in response to the 360 being capable of handling MGS4, which, as i said, i think it can, just with a decrease in graphical quality. but you're right, its the games that matter. this is what separates true gamers from fanboys. fanboys like to compare meaninglessly, while gamers just get what they like, irregardless of who makes it. with me, i just like the games that the PS/PS2 (and probably) the PS3 has to offer. its merely a matter of preference. all that XBox has is Halo (and a bunch of other fps'). i'm not knocking the validity of fps' being a good genre, i'm just saying that it isn't completely my cup of tea. i just see more diversity and variety in PS/PS2's quality as opposed to XBox/360.

as far as Dreamcast i have to disagree with you. while Dreamcast was a great system (trust me i know, as i was one of the first to buy one at my local--then--Babbages), i seriously doubt it would've been able to handle the graphics of such games as Gran Turismo 3, MGS2, God of War, Resident Evil 4 (for all the hitting the PS2's version took from the Gamecube), Bouncer (gameplay sucked, but the graphics were top notch for their time), Final Fantasy X and a slew of other PS2 games.

Marriot VP6561d ago

come on, you think MGS4 can be on a 360 just with less graphics. That defeats kojima's whole statement, the exact same game can be produced on a 360. 2007 will be the first year for ps3 games, come on now. The MGS4 trailers are a cutscene, it's not exactly what you'll see in gameplay. And those cutscenes can be played off of anything really, even a average computer. It's a movie, you'll never see cinematics like that in the game in third person. You'll see it in the cutscenes, and undeniably cutscenes always look quite better than the actual gameplay.

Truth6560d ago

Hideo's remark that MGS4 could be done on the 360 was made months ago. And he didn't say it could be done easily, he said it was possible however with hits to the physics and AI.

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zypher6561d ago

well, the replays in Gran Turismo 3/4 and the in-game cut-scenes in MGS2/3 look just the same as those respective games actual gameplay. in-game cut-scenes and actual gameplay are both the same things, just from two different perspectives. as someone pointed out before, Kojima has never actually worked with the 360 hardware, so he doesn't know for sure how it would be able to handle MGS4 (for all we know, though i HIGHLY doubt it, the 360 may be able to make MGS4 look better than on the PS3). instead of making this a debate, why not just get MGS4 when it comes out, regardless of whatever system it is on. as much as it may be the only game i get for the system, i know for certain i'll be one of the first in line for Halo 3