Metacritic: "Note to Sony and Nintendo, the Gauntlet has been thrown."

Emblazoned on the front page of everyone's favorite mega review site, Metacritic spells out what the holiday season will mean for the videogame industry. Referring to Halo 3 and BioShock as a "double-barrel" attack, they state "Note to Sony and Nintendo: The Gauntlet has been thrown..."

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Kokoro4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

every console owners has the choice to choose what they like best. Writing a immense list on games coming out of your console, wont make you look any smarter, and any more knowing than the others. Your taste, does not equal every others.

Ps3Fanboy7774042d ago

They would have to do it again next generation and I doubt sony is going to let that happen..

And as well the console war is just now beggining with this 1st holiday season.. Sucks that 360 is already 2+ years old and reached max disc space, and the Wii although selling has little to no games and runs @ 480p...

Sony should win just for having the better console. Reviewers seem to think the Ps3 is washed out, I think the 360 is oversaturated. Thats from me doing my side by side comparison.

Bioshock for the 360 has more jaggies then most ps3 games and I have yet to find a 360 game that runs as smooth as RFOM.. Mabe Gears but even that has screen tearing.

InMyOpinion4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Nintendo has made quite clear that this generation of gaming is about games and innovation, not graphics. If Sony had the best console it would show in sales...and graphics.

The PS3's technology is'nt newer than the 360's, they just couldn't release it because the Blu-Ray diods were too expensive at the time and they didn't have enough in stock. The 360's graphics will continue to improve alongside the PS3.

Question considering the size advantage with Blu-Ray:
How come Konami can't incorporate MGS Online on the same disc as MGS4 when a game like Halo 3 can fit both the single player campain and the immense multiplayer (which looks have much more features than MGS Online) on one dual layer dvd?
This far I have'nt seen many games that last more than a maximum of 10 hours. What's the excuse? The 360 only runs on dvd but still produce titles like Mass Effect (40+ hours with unmatched graphics). I think you need to stop staring blindly at specs and look at what's really going down. Put up or shut up...

reaperxciv4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

for the DS, it's a great game for everyone

VirusE4042d ago

uuhhh i think the point is the gauntlet has been brought. Bioshock and halo 3 are both amazing going by the reviews. No system can touch that at the moment so get over it fanboy.

DarkArcani4042d ago

All he said was sure. That's it. So why are you calling him a fanboy? He was probably agreeing with the article, you don't know. Try adding something positive instead of something negative.

The Real Joker4042d ago

Lighting constantly bashes the 360...just look at his post history. He was doing the same with this comment. Pull your head out of your ass.

DarkArcani4042d ago

Pull my head out of my ass? You are ignorant. You can't prove that he was bashing the 360 with this post can you? It was one word. He said "sure." That doesn't prove anything.
If he said 'crap' or 'bull', then there would be no contest here. But he didn't, did he.
I'm not doubting you about his past posts, but when he says "sure" in this post it can be taken as agreement or as sarcasm. Since there is nothing supporting his statement, it is considered a neutral comment. For people like VirusE to attack him, and then you attack me CRUDELY for saying his comment was neutral, is just immature and ignorant.

I'll give the same advice to you as I gave VirusE, try adding something positive instead of something negative.

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lonestarmt4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

any Good FPS on the 360 = makes mucho $ for the 360

What about crisis core for the psp? it sold almost 500,000 copies in a week and would have sold more if they didn't run out of copies.

lonestarmt4042d ago

I think once MGS, final fantasy and killzone 2 comes out a torch might be passed once again.