Analyst: 4.2Million Halo 3's already at retail

In a company update on Microsoft today, Goldman Sachs analysts Sarah Friar and Frederick Grieb predicted that Microsoft will have shipped a mighty 4.2 million copies of Halo 3 into the retail channel by the end of the month. That's a big enough launch shipment for more than a third of the Xbox 360's 11.6 million global user base to pick up a copy.

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Sangheili854042d ago

Do you just troll around to each halo3 topic and post something stupid? I mean honestly. GO back to you're PS3 news and stop being such a little fanboy and enjoy games.

DrRage774042d ago

so please explain to everyone how pre-ordering the game....for the exact same cost as it is in the store, plus getting some free or added stuff for a huge discount just for pre-ordering, is considered a rip-off

i pre-ordered, for the same price as you get it in the store, get 1600 microsoft points for $5 (normally $20) and when i go to pick up the game at the store, i don't have to wait in line at the cash registers since i go to the express store pick up line...yup, sure sounds like a rip-off to me lol

it seems non-360 owners are really grasping at straws these days LMAO

SL1M DADDY4042d ago

Better to pre-order and not need it than to need it and not have pre-ordered...

Optimus Prime4042d ago

he has nothing to do on his ps3 so he has to sit on the computer trolling halo 3 news.. We all know it is killing you deep down lightning, you arent fooling a single person. Now go enjoy your movies on the ps3.

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Kuest4042d ago

Or are you just sympathizing with the 1.5 mil gamers who don't need to wait in line.

NextGen24Gamer4042d ago

I say 3.3 million copies minimum.

SL1M DADDY4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

...tops in 24 hours time.

Edit: ;-)

Kuest4042d ago

I agree w/ 3.3 mil. Who says magic can't happen

aaquib24042d ago

3.3M IN 24 HOURS???

Try less than half that stupid fool. We all know MS pre ordered 1M copies, DUH. We'll see Media Create's numbers shall we? Let's see if Halo 3 pushed 10 000 in Japan, let alone 2M in the US.

Now MGS4, an internation brand...Thats a different story.

MASTER CHIEF DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sak5004042d ago

Almost finished H3 on heroic. Its tough but its more rewarding. Taking a break now. Started playing around 3pm and now its 2am. My nephew joined for some coop then left, i guess i will hv to finish the fight and call in sick tom for work. Amazing gaming experience. massive fights, although enemies are not as diverse initially but new ones come up later near the end.

jackdoe4042d ago

Impressive. Hopefully more big title releases follow suit. I may be picking up a copy sometime next week and playing it on my friend's 360.

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