What Was Once A Large Xbox, Is Now Very Small

You may have seen this a while ago, but it was less finished than it is now. Presenting… the Xbox mini. The original Xbox was known as being a bit… large. In fact, I'm pretty sure Microsoft enclosed a warning inside of the box to make sure parents kept it away from small children as it would probably crush them if it fell.

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lonestarmt4755d ago

why buy this, when devs have totally given up on the xbox?

ATLRoAcH4755d ago

Your,right but that is funny as hell "make sure parents keep it away from small children as it would probably crush them if it fell".It was big.

Syko4755d ago

Because a modded Xbox still has more functionality past just games, than any other console out there. XBMC is a great application and plays any video or audio file you throw at it. Plus with every emulator in the book, and the HDD loaded with good Xbox games like Ninja Gaiden and Halo 2 this makes for a very cool little system to carry around.

I am thinking about doing this to my modded Xbox because I don't use the DVD Drive anyways.

Skerj4754d ago

That's exactly what I was going to say, I want to do this to mine so it'll fit in my car.

Itachi4755d ago

seen better a black xbox no dvd-drive just a large hard drive full games about as small as a external hard-drive

Shaka2K64755d ago

Its still a flop and a huge POS.
some of the biggest failitures in gaming history.

unsunghero284755d ago

It's not exactly a secret that you're a liiiiitle bit biased toward Sony.

OK, maybe more than a little.

Spunkmeyer434754d ago

What reason do you have for coming on to this board other than being as adolf coined the phrase "a useless eater!"

Go and play outside little boy.

Spinitus4755d ago

cool, but xbox is dead.

kn4755d ago

There is a pretty good library of original xbox games... if they made an xbox mini and it drew less than 75 watts or so, I'd buy one in a heartbeat and put it in my van to play on the drop down LCD...

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The story is too old to be commented.