Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Screens

160 new shots posted for the upcoming Playstation 3 race sim.

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MaximusPrime4046d ago

finally more GT images. i cant stand all these Halo news. I want something new. GT5 prologue is the answer. Thanks!

darx4046d ago

HALO 3 in just 24 hours...woo...hoo! See you guys online!

JOLLY14046d ago

When did gt become a racing sim? The developers call it a driving sim. Technicalities aside, dang those pics look good!

nasim4046d ago

@darx one is excited for HALO 3 except BOTS like you.

GT5 is the most realistic racing sim ever. It pwns real life

BTW it does make forza 2 and pgr4 look like wii games

cuco334045d ago

The power of the fanboy is strong in this one.

GT5 will be great (as long as they fix everything wrong with the older versions like bump-n-run style racing idiotic AI)
GT series only appeals to those into cars, not everyone likes car racing games. But being bigger than Halo3 I HIGHLY doubt. And this is coming from a big car buff. If you were a true gamer, you'ld be excited over Halo3 as well, but I guess mommy said only 1 console and you picked PS3.

GT5 is not the most realistic racing sim ever. It's a great console driving simulator. I can name a handful of racing sims that do a better job than GT (forza 2 being one of them). But GT should be great, like I said, so long as they fix everything that was wrong with the other ones or include what's been promised rather than stirring up hype over the game.

I bet you that if Sony branded a 10" dildo nasim would be all over it saying 'this is the best man pleasures i've ever gotten, ever! you dumb garbage girlbots!'

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Cartesian3D4046d ago

but they dont know that Gran Turismo is bigger than that game..

HALO is a really good FPS game with HUGE advertising and Hype.. but Gran Tursimo is the best RACING SIM ever and little hype....

cant wait to Feel those cars in my hands..

Vojkan4046d ago

And it sells more than Halo, by a few million copies.

REbirth4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

did you guys see the subaru impresa and the RUF? looks real:O cell phone photos looks more realistic than the official images:P

EDITED: oops my bad...that are really real images from trailers of real pilots...its not the in game:(

kjones05874046d ago

haha, I was thinking the same thing when I saw those real pictures. I was stunned that I couldn't tell the difference between those pictures and actual photos of REAL cars, and they turned out to be real cars anyways, they could've had me fooled.

goodganja4046d ago

Project Gotham who?

Forza who????

SWORDF1SH4046d ago

the most realistic lookin game ever. you cant disagree with that.

Danielson4046d ago

Wow somebody actually disagreed with that

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The story is too old to be commented.