Top 5 Videogame Sex Scenes

In response to Fox News' claptrap, we take a look at just how unsexy videogame sex is, and have compiled a lovely top 5 list for you. Since it's VGM, we've thrown in some movies too. | VGM.tv

Warprincess1164852d ago

Ewww, i think sex scenes in videogames are weird.

Krypto4852d ago

My wife and I enjoyed the sex scene in Heavy Rain. It turned her on...

Istanbull4852d ago

The sex scene in Fahrenheit was also good.

Kon4852d ago

Some yes, some no. But the gay scene in DA is the worst. ever.

TheLastGuardian4852d ago

...says the girl with the twilight avatar.

BiggCMan4852d ago

Heavy Rain is the only game I know of to have ever done it properly. Its just like a sex scene from a movie, its quiet, romantic, and goes along with the story. Its not there to get a rise out of young teens like many other games. Its also not afraid to show more nudity than other games do, because it really is a game ment for mature audiences only, unlike other M rated games. I love Heavy Rain, my personal GOTY for 2010.

jeeves864852d ago

While I really enjoyed Heavy Rain, I thought the sex scene was pretty...superfluous. I mean it was well played and tastefully done, but there's just one thing standing in the way.

Ethan Mars' son is missing. He's chin-deep in rainwater, kidnapped by a person known to be the Origami Killer. Father of the Year right there, "Lemme just bone this stranger that totally lied to me about her involvement in the storyline while my son slowly drowns." lol

room4144852d ago

The game gives you the choice. If you think it's innapropriate for the story then don't do it. I don't see the problem.

sjaakiejj4852d ago


Surprisingly (or perhaps not so much), when humans are stressed, which Ethan definitely was, they resort to having sex.

JoySticksFTW4852d ago (Edited 4852d ago )


who uses the word... "superfluous"?

Stop being so smart!

on topic:

Heavy Rains and ME's were alright

I couldn't believe HR's went so far though. But it did keep it realistic-ish

jeeves864852d ago (Edited 4852d ago )

@ room414 - I totally get the point of choice in the game (obviously, I played through it) but the scene doesn't fit with Ethan Mars' character. It's not a problem, it just doesn't mesh well with how a parent would act if their kid was missing.

Besides, the first time playing the game, you didn't really know which action would do what, and how far the developers would take that scene. You really don't have any way of knowing until it's finished :)


And it's not one of those instances where she'll just leave if you flub too many times or just won't move, or get caught up on something ;)

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dabri54852d ago (Edited 4852d ago )

With all the prepubescent teens on N4G, I expect this to hit into the 1000 degrees. Funny thing is, it's the top 5 unsexy sex scenes.

rob_gamestribe4852d ago

Sexy sex scenes don't actually exist in videogames yet sadly!

NateNater4852d ago (Edited 4852d ago )

This will be the top story by the end of the day with over 1000 degrees. Silly N4G.

Edit: catguykyou beat me to it lol

femshep4852d ago

"A recent ‘report’ by Fox News claims video games are responsible for nearly all the rapes in America"

Thank you fox for making false reports and once again proving you do not deserve to be called a news station

moe844852d ago

Agreed, what I wonder though is what causes rapes before video games? I mean, did rapists suddenly get bored for a decade or two then one day they decide to go "Pong that person"?

femshep4852d ago

or maybe they see everyone as a blue alien that they have to save the Galaxy with.....in which case we can blame Avatar =p