New Lair TV Ad

A new TV ad of the exclusive Playstation 3 game Lair has emerged on Gametrailers. Hit the link to view it in all it's HD glory.

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achira4042d ago

very cool ad. is on the psn also.

ShAkKa4042d ago

i really like this types of ads on the white room for the ps3 this and mlb 07 are my favorites.

risk4042d ago

psp sexy bikini packed in with every psp purchase = $$$!!

MaximusPrime4042d ago

sony is always clever and brilliant at making adverts.

remember Sony bravia advert? those balls down the streets in San Francisco.

Lair advert is brilliant. i shall be getting the game.

xg-ei8ht4042d ago

I posted this in another thread, didn't make my own, but at least someone has:) Very awsome ad.

I d/l it,lol.

demolitionX4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

Best AD ever seen in my life. makes u jump from couch and go buy the game. I will be buying it for sure, scr3w all bribed reviewers. this game defines gaming for the next 5 years.

socomnick4042d ago

be reasonable dude just rent the game and you will be happy you did not waste 60 dollars on a stinking pile of crap.

Captain Tuttle4042d ago

If you want to buy that turd.

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The story is too old to be commented.