Rush Hour 3 announced as "timed exclusive " to Blu-Ray

Another great title would be making its way to Blu-Ray exclusively on December 26th,2007.

This is indeed a great boost for the Blu-Ray camp which already has a stellar linep for Fall, 2007 spearheaded by this year's two topmost worldwide grossers - Spiderman 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean 3


Spiderman 1,2,3 would be making their debut this year alongside Pirates of the Caribbean 3. All these movies are exclusive to Blu-Ray

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4139d ago

I have a 1080p Samsung, why would I want to watch Standard DVD? I'm just surprised more people aren't jumping into the HD bandwagon.

achira4139d ago

wow, thats nice, i am a big fan of jackie chan. i will buy it!

kingboy4139d ago

look who`s reporting this as spam news..seriously dude your ego is killing you inside

XxZxX4139d ago

it's bloodmask, what do you expect. find a blu-ray is losing news, he will be the first for approve it.

Bloodmask4139d ago

I approve all kinds of stories. I only reported this one bc it is spam. Movie releases have nothing to do with gaming. Look at this article I posted. The exact same type of article with multiple spam reports and lame reports.

Like I have always said the rules of posting apply to some but not to others.

barom4139d ago

Taken directly from the guidelines

"Though most of the news on N4G is directly game related it doesn’t necessarily have to be. A news story about a new technology for use in HDTVs is not directly related to video games but would still be of interest to many gamers. The Tech category would be fitting for this story. "

Stop your bullpoop please.

MikeGdaGod4139d ago

Chris Tucker is a [email protected] sell out. didn't see the movie and won't be getting this

Kuest4139d ago

w/ Chris Tucker, man? I though he was pretty funny in the movie (the whole bald model triad thing was HILARIOUS)

MikeGdaGod4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

after the first Friday movie he said he didn't want to do anymore movies like that because it hurt his image. then he went on to say how Ice Cube made him play that role and made him look bad.

now, if he wants to portray a good, positive image for children good. but don't start talking sh!t about the person that put him in the spotlight to begin with. he's an actor and actors play roles. nobody believes Denzel Washington does drugs or kills people because of his role in Training Day. i remember when Chris Tucker was on Def Comedy Jam talkin about how he robbed people, those were HIS jokes that HE wrote. but someone else is "making" him look bad???

for him to act like someone "made" him do a certain role in the first place is crazy. he could've turned it down, but no he wanted the money and had no problem getting the check. then he tried to talk bad about Ice Cube but he went and played a theft and hustler in "Money Talks" with Charlie Sheen and a [email protected] in "The Fifth Element". he does no movies with black actors, but he jumps when Jackie Chan or Charlie Sheen calls. if it wasn't for Ice Cube nobody would even know who Chris Tucker is.

sorry about the rant but this was something i've had an eye on since the beginning. i used to like him years ago, but now he's just a sell-out. f*ck Chris Tucker

Kuest4139d ago

yeah... but, still I think the roles he played w/ Charlie and jackie had a little bit more depth. As for the Friday scenario, I agree, Chris Tucker was responsible for how he played the role, not Ice Cube.

Still, I think Chris has really matured as a human being and actor (he does charity around the world with pres. Clinton)- but I guess what your saying is he forgot who helped get him there. Fair enough.

MikeGdaGod4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

yeah thats all i'm saying. again i was a big Chris Tucker fan back in the day, i just don't like when people "front". and thats what he's been doing imo.

the charity work is to be commended, but that still doesn't change how i feel about him as a person. i could go on about other things but we're already way off topic. thanks for allowing me to get that off my chest though. i feel better now. :)

@ below: yeah that's what i meant by the other things i've seen him do. i thought alot of the jokes made in this last movie were very racist. if white or chinese people made jokes about us, it wouldn't be so funny.

Silver3604139d ago

The role he played is this movie was just demeaning to black people. Aww no, to Americans in general. He was a damn clown. He portriated all the worse traits in black people and americans. Plus his acting was bad. He needs to grow as an actor.

gaffyh4139d ago

@Silver360 - lol did you see Fifth Element, I think that would have made you more ashamed. Although I find him funny and I don't think he hurts Black people's image, so you shouldn't be ashamed.

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tatotiburon4139d ago

hd-dvd is getting Transformers and BR a Jackie Chan movie, nice...

REbirth4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )


BR is getting spider man 3, pirates, ratatouille...shrek3 (HD DVD) s*cks...loved the 1st one...rush hour 2 is on my comedy fav movies...didn't had a chance to see the 3...but i'm sure it will be funny like the other 2...

BTW it wont take long to see transformers in BR...

and if you love so much games wouldn't be better to buy a blu ray that comes with nex gen games...wireless and can be always upgraded than one HD DVD?

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