You Know the PS3 Plays Blu-ray, Right?

Sony's PlayStation 3 unit is struggling. Nintendo's Wii console, and the Microsoft Xbox 360, are stealing the glory from the once-dominant brand in video game hardware. But Sony thinks it has a solution -- a blue one, in fact.

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nasim4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

ps3 overtakes competition to become the no1 selling gaming product.

we all know that it is just a matter of time before PS3 knocks out a dead blow at much inferior competitors

@nasty BOT below

MGS3 sold 1.4 million copies in USA only.
It sold 4 million in JAPAN and EU and NA.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Konami 0.86 1.42 1.68 3.96

halo 3 will sell million only in NA. In japan it wouldnt even sell 100k copiues. In EU it is also irrelevant.

Ofcourse you garbage box 360 owners would have to dream of getting a ps3 next year cuz after 2007 x360 wont remain in the shelves of EU and NA as well

PS3 has sold 5.5 m units till date.

x360 couldnt even sell 10m worldwide.....ps3 is shy by just 4.5m units.

BTW 40% of x360s purchased in EU and JAPAN were traded in for either wii or ps3. so expect x360s to be around 7/8 million at the moment

x360 is dead in both JAPAN and EU

Only garbage BOTS would purchase a cartoon FPS like Halo3.

we have ultrarealistic UT3 coming up this year and HAZE too.

Halo 3 reviews ?????????????

from IGN ,GAMESPOT and 1up ---owned by CNET and nasty BOTS like you.

Halo 3 reviews have killed halo 3/x360 in EU and JAPAN. NA would be gone from 2008


I am not using VGCHARTS for HARDWARE sales. I am using VGCHARTS for software sales figures released by KONAMI on MGS3 a year ago.

X360 is non existent in all parts of EU except UK and France.
BTW ur gaylo moved 0 units ar AU launch .

by 2008, X360 wont remain on the shelves anywhere in the world.

ps3 has sold 5.5 m units. x360 has sold 10 m but 40% of x360s purchased in EU and JAPAN were traded in with either ps3 /wii. Almost 60% of MS SHIPMENT 11.6m units were exchanged after RROD

HAlo 2 sold 8 million copies

Halo 1 sold 7 million copies


FF7 sold 10 million copies

GTA 3 sold 11 million copies

GTA sold 10.5 million copies

GTA 2 sold 8.5 million copies

all those games sold more than HAlo 1/HAlo 2

HALO 3 will only sell in NA. No one is interested to buy a cartoon game excepts midless BOTS

x360 version of GTA????????


by that time x360 would be dead in EU and JAPAN (fully dead)

ps3 version would sell millions in EU

plus dont forget 2008 sees the launches of THE GOD OF ALL FPS -KZ2



This is next gen gaming. FF13 ---the biggest game of this gen which would redefine Graphics and gaming would be unleashed in 2008

garbage box 360 would be plunged into OBLIVION abd Wii will be lost in the annals of history

You have nothing after Halo 3...fable 2 ,Mass effect ---lol at those cartoony games.

GTA 4 would be released on ps3 as well. The extra DLC makes no difference as most ps2 owners would be switching to ps3 when GTA4 is released. A ps2 and ps1 owner would never buy a low powered garbage box 360 with no games

Console war comes to an end in 2008 . 2007 would be a showcase


Dannagar4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

You are using VGChartz, so if you are using that as a basis, than the Playstation 3 has sold 4.64M and the Xbox 360 has sold 11.10M units. That means you have 6.46 million Playstation 3's to sell before you catch up to Xbox 360 (todays figures). Metal Gear Solid 2 Sold 5.56 World wide. If everyone that bought Metal Gear 2 bought Metal Gear 4, you still don't have enough users to beat todays Xbox 360 sales. Halo 2 Sold 8.28 World wide.

Xbox 360 will have the better version of Grand Theft Auto 4 due to the extra content. I'm not sure why you would use that.

It funny, Nintendo FanBoys use 1st party games as a battle cry as do Xbox 360 owners. But Playstation 3 Fanboys use 3rd party games as a battle cry. You have no basis for saying that European users traded in their Xbox 360 for Playstation 3's. Software figures would disagree with you.

But hold on to your dreams and never give up. Its good to dream, so dream on.

nobizlikesnowbiz4044d ago

Awww nasim, you came out from under your rock or whatever pathetic hole you buried your head into the past few days.

We were starting to speculate if you threw yourself off a cliff from the great Halo 3 reviews.

Nice to see you decided not to jump. Not...

gerrard4044d ago

I've watched dvd's in 720p but compared to Bluray it's simply no match, and recently I bought dolby true hd amp Onkyo TX605 and the sound has to be heard to believed via Hdmi 1.3a weather your watching movie or playing Bluray games it does add to the atmosphere, and i'll be upgrading my tv to Sony Bravia kdl 40w3000, it does 1080p/24 and has a built in HD tuner, probably in spring when the price comes down hopefully.

DarkArcani4044d ago

Why do you have one bubble? Oh that's right. I like the PS3 and I can't even stand to read that whole crap shoot you call a comment. Learn proper english so you can get your message across better, or learn to type that english you know.

Scrooge4043d ago

Im sure there's nothing I could say to you that would make you come st your senses. Most people just wish death upon you, I don't wish that on anyone. So I'll just wish that your computer breaks down for a week and we can have some peace from your crap that you call a comment. Regarding this article, I am hopeful for the PS3. While I don't necessarilly like the PS3, it would be terrible to give MS a monopoly over the videogame industry. Competition is what provides us the good games, so we all benefit. Here's to hoping the PS3's lineup next year will be kickass.

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Dannagar4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

As of the moment, My TV only does 720p. Therefore, upscaled DVDs are good enough for me. I'm not ready to pluck down $2000 for a 1080p television. Nor am I ready to replace my DVD collection with $30 Blu-Ray/HD DVDs. As a Playstation 3 owner, I don't see myself ever buying a Blu-Ray.

Bigmac5734044d ago

Blu Rays look excellent on 1080i/720p TV's as well.

Dannagar4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

At BestBuy, I've seen them in 1080p and I can tell a difference but I can't tell a difference between an upscaled DVD and a Blu-Ray on a 720p LCD. Silly me.

bym051d4044d ago

If you can't see the difference, I feel bad for you. Upconverted 480p is nice, but HD 720p blows it out of the water.

mightydog014044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

Now your talking just movies, But blu-ray is for both movies and games. hd-dvd add on 360 is just movies not games. So ps3 will come on top in the end.

BulletToothtony4044d ago

really i'm not trying to offend you but the problem might be your lcd.. my friend got a cheap 1080p lcd and i'm not bragging but my samsung PLASMA looks incredibly better than his..

plasmas have a certain sharpness that lcds lack.. specially the cheap ones look terrible..

you should at least to upgrade to a plasma.. they're under 1 G now a days

Dannagar4044d ago

I don't speak for everyone, just for myself. I have a Samsung LCD, and It's a pretty good brand. I do intend on buying a 1080p Television in the future and that may change my opinion. I still can't see buying a Blu_Ray at $30 each. Maybe in the future, we'll see them at a lower price and I may consider them. As of now, long live DVDs.

UnasFortuna4043d ago

While it is true that HD Players will "Upconvert" standard DVD's... I would have to disagree that there is no difference in the Upconverted pix and the actual HD Version. I have two 1080 HDTV's and an older one that only goes to 720 and I can tell a difference on both resolutions between the upconversion and the real HD disc. While the Upconversion is very good compared to regular DVD players... it pales compared to the actual HD disc. My partner can't tell the difference between the two if you can't tell the diff...more power to you for sticking with DVD's...but for those of us who can... I would never buy a regular DVD again...haven't bought one in over a year... but I don't think the DVD will be phased out... HD is not an affordable option for everyone.

Watkins4043d ago

Get your eyes checked dude, really

Omegasyde4042d ago

DLP (def) Digital Light Projection. Made by Texas Instruments.

I have a 1080p Tv and it whuped my last Set with was a bravia(720p only, LCD)

Try DLP TV's. Not only do they have brighter pictures, but have smoother images and shading.

The only Negative is that the Bulb can have a life time of 2 -5 years (depended on use) and cost around $80 and up to replace. But If you got the money..why not?

Don't take my word for it. Take a look. It's in a book. Reading Rainbow. -------I mean Cnet and Wikipedia.


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prunchess4044d ago

PS3 struggling? who thinks up the titles of these threads, Microsoft?

Lightning Mr Bubbles4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

Some of the problem is that people still aren't informed on High Defintion video. Studies have showed this.

I mean it wouldn't hurt if people knew that PS3 comes with High Defintion video playback already included while it's competitors don't. If you have a High Defition TV, this is a asset. Why would you want to keep watching standard DVD if you have a high defintion TV? People just aren't aware.

achira4044d ago

who writes this bs. come on grow up.

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