Crysis 2 Leak Fails To Result in Massive Download Fest

Next month the long-awaited Crysis 2 is due for release but perhaps inevitably it’s already been leaked onto the Internet. Although it’s a PC beta version which requires some coaxing to perform, publisher EA has already decried this unofficial release and some gaming blogs have gone into overdrive condemning ‘evil pirates’. But hey, let’s all cool down for a second. Just because people can pirate, doesn’t mean they always do.
Despite the beta being widely available, TorrentFreak stats show (completed) downloads of just 10,000 on public BitTorrent trackers. And that’s not because this title isn’t popular with gamers. Indeed, given the current mood, it’s not unthinkable that these low download numbers may well be a result of it being quite the opposite.

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WildArmed4606d ago

Isn't that always the story w/ torrents/leaks.

Thou its true, the people that were going to buy Crysis 2, will buy it anyway. Regardless of how early the pirated release gets out.

GrilledCheeseBook4606d ago

as is the case with Half Life 2 as pointed out in the article
6 months early leak
Sells 12 million

WildArmed4606d ago (Edited 4606d ago )

Right, it's not like PC games don't sell.
They sell very well when a good game hits the stores.
I think the publishers take the 'pirated copies' as potential loss of sales.. and use that as an excuse for not publishing the game for PC
well they are dead wrong.
Piracy has reached every platform now, albiet it may be easier to do on some platforms vs others.
The people that want to pirate, will go the extra mile to do it on any platform.

Baka-akaB4606d ago

Remember that Crytek used that as an excuse to justify the slow starting sales for Crysis 1 .

Of course it had more to do with people not ready to change their config just for crysis back then .
Later on the game still kept being a success anyway

jony_dols4606d ago

This doesn't take into account, file sharing downloads from MU and Rapidshare ect.....

Thats where a large percentage of piracy takes place these days.

Iroquois_Pliskin4606d ago

i hope Crysis 2 sells good so Crytek (i think) makes more games on consoles

meetajhu4606d ago (Edited 4606d ago )

I have finished Crysis 2 and its definitely day 1 buy for me. I just couldn't resist myself i went and downloaded. The game is so stylish and kick ass. Its just pure awesome!

AndrewRyan4606d ago

We PC gamers are a smart breed. If a developer takes their time with a game and creates an amazing experience, then we will buy the game. However, if a developer tries to milk his game for fast cash we will pirate it easily.

Crysis 2 looks like a quality game. I pirated it to play through the single player (It's buggy) but I already pre ordered for the multiplayer.

t0mmyb0y4606d ago

Both this leak and HL2's leak won't/didn't hurt game sales because HL2 was just the engine with a few level's you had to manually load, and this leak is not optimized for regular computers. hasn't worked once for me

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blackmamba7074606d ago

that leaked Crysis 2 build is piss poor, it's in debug mode crashes and freezes a lot so it's unplayable

won't hurt sales one bit

despair4606d ago

Thats actually not true, its completely playable from beginning to end(at least from some reliable reports) and though there are random crashes they are not often and the debug info is easy to remove.

There is no doubt that it is an early build as some missing textures and pop up but the game actually looks quite polished and even though its set to dx9 its quite gorgeous as well. There is now no doubt I am buying Crysis 2 anymore.

Oh and for the record I did download the leaked copy and played 3 levels before deleting it, I was pretty much sold on the game but the urge to try it as a demo was too much so I did download it, and now I am more than sure I will get the game as I did Crysis and Warhead.

dragonelite4606d ago

it plays okey but some event arent scripted yet.
And it's a bitch to get it working again after it crashed for the first time atleast for me it was.
But i already had it preorder for the 360 live and such playing with friends still goes above the nice graphics.

DoomeDx4606d ago

R_DisplayInfo 1 removes the debug ;)

ATiElite4606d ago (Edited 4606d ago )

The Wii is totally free! If you have a gaming PC the Wii and all it's games are FREE. Funny how the Wii has out sold the 360 and PS3 even though it's like totally free.

So many ppl and Devs want to put such a big issue on Piracy like it's the end of the world or something. It's not and if it truly was don't you think developers would encrypt the dam game code? I mean seriously one chip BAM total encryption on consoles.

Websites use it all the time. PC's would have an encrypted file that upon online registration would allow your installation to be complete. If you can't decrypt the file you can't Crack it.

Piracy can be stopped but developers/publishers choose not to because it allows them to jack up sales prices. In any other Industry were there is a problem they fix it. But for some reason the game industry does nothing or try to put spyware and malware on your PC.

Piracy is wrong but not such a big issue as ppl make it out to be. Seriously think about it.?!

WildArmed4606d ago

'PC's would have an encrypted file that upon online registration would allow your installation to be complete.'

There are alot of issues w/ that.
For one, not everyone has internet.
Two, what makes you think that security system can't be hacked?
You do know the people that crack games aren't in it for the child-play.
They actually work pretty hard to crack those games (for better or for worse).
They won't give up, so it ultimately leads to just the devs/publisher wasting money on security that cost too much and was hacked anyway.

No, I'm not condoning Piracy. hardly.

But the solution is never as simply as people want to believe it to be.

Baka-akaB4606d ago (Edited 4606d ago )

when they go for that kind of system , the publishers themselves have massive trouble making legit copies work to begin with , at least at launch.

It mostly disgust people from buying , even without the piracy alternative ... and gives support a nightmare with the customers

ATiElite4606d ago

you made some good points but

I'm sure for PC games the number of ppl w/out internet is a lot lower than the number of ppl pirating games. We know 30 million Steam users have internet. Just getting 15% of just steam users to buy my games every time out is 4.5 Million units sold.

Every system can be hacked but if you make it hard enough then the average joe won't wanna fool with it or at least take a hacker longer to crack it. Games are being cracked 48 hours after release. Copy n paste a crack is way too easy for non hackers. if it takes 30 days before a crack is made and then requires non hackers to do more than copy n paste a file, this would cut Piracy in half. Any Publisher would tell you this.

Publishers waste money anyway and get Zero in return. Example True Crime, 3 years Dev time and they canceled it, time money wasted. A movie tie-in game that is crappy and makes zero dollars, that's a waste. It's a cost of doing business and not a waste to protect product.

The tech is there all they gotta do is license or buy it. But I do like the system as it is now cause this way I will never ever get burned by a bad game again. Every game I buy, I'm totally happy with.

Ducky4606d ago (Edited 4606d ago )

... Why can't they just share the decrypted file?

Or do you mean something that requires an internet connection every time you want to boot the game?
That'll be a slight demotivator for both pirates and legit buyers though. =/

WildArmed4606d ago


Actually steam does do encryption like you say, but once you have the files decrypted (which they have to do for installing the game), it becomes easy for the hackers to get the game running.

And yes, most people have internet connection, but I think it's more about profit vs loss when it comes down to it.
I know alot of people get annoyed w/ stupid DRMs and don't buy the game because of it.
Like Baka-akaB mentioned, sometimes the DRM/protection systems hurt the legit buyers more than pirates *glares at Ubisoft*

And the people that plan on pirating the game will waiting for a month or two for the new system to get hacked.

Like you said Piracy isn't as a big issue people make it out to be.

We already have our mind set whether we are going to buy the game or wait for the pirated version. Unfortunately, it won't change if people have to wait 1 month for the game to be cracked.

The gaming industry (the entertainment industry in general) is dependent on the consumer's judgment.
Luckily we have more consumers that are willing to pay for the their entertainment right now, then people willing to pirate it.
Well, that is an incorrect statement.
Luckily we have enough consumers that make the entertainment industry profitable..
As soon as the profit disappears, then the industry will suffer.

umm.. sorry about the long rant ^^

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ChristianGamer4606d ago (Edited 4606d ago )

Great news, then we might as well fail this article yes? http://n4g.com/news/699718/...

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rawrockkillz4606d ago

After watching some of the videos I am even more excited for this game than I was before.

RedDead4606d ago (Edited 4606d ago )

41GB would take me a decent amount of time and money to download, my limit is 30Gb a month. So it would actually cost me more to download it for 'free' than buy it.

edit---Same as you rawrockkillz, it seems to be alot better than I thought it would be, and I thought it looked good before I saw the vids.

Haha, I bought Half life 2 3 times inclu he orange box and downloaded it illegaly once. Xbox 1 first, then orange box on 360 then illegal D/L(pc) then steam purchase.

Kran4606d ago

Thats because there are more true gamers who wll wait and buy it than piraters who will illegally download it.

Kon4606d ago

I will download and buy the game afterwards. Problem?

No way i will stay with this bugged version.

Kon4606d ago

@Jmorgan I wont. I will only play the first couple of levels and delete the game after. I prefer to play the clean version, not this bugfest. I will use this to see if my computer will run the final product. Believe it or not.

Pandamobile4606d ago

If a game gets leaked early, I'll usually download it and play the single player. Then jump straight into multiplayer on launch day. Did this for Bad Company 2. No regrets.

WildArmed4606d ago

While you may be the genuine deal when it comes to piracy for the sake of testing purposes ONLY, Kon.
Most of the pirates use the same excuse, and hardly do such. They play the game, say it's not worth 'buying' even thou they may have enjoyed it.

So kodus to you if you can control urself from such urges.

Baka-akaB4605d ago

I've yet to see any study properly quantifying that infamous "most" pirate that never buy games .

For starters , Pirates can't usually play online safely on any platform , if at all .

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tanman7774606d ago

I was not going to get this game, but after seeing some of the screenshots and videos from the leak, I am really excited for it.