Halo 3: Footage no one else has shown you

By now, you could have watched the first five minutes of Halo 3 on YouTube, spoiled the entire storyline, or read more than a dozen different reviews of Microsoft's biggest ever release. And yet there are still details that you've missed out on.

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Vip3r4139d ago

So you can invert the controls but why does this need posting?

Nubzilla 3G4139d ago

Never been seen? This has been on for a while now.

rOdRigOe4139d ago

how this video got approved?? this is old, i saw this in the Halo Comparision Video

Lakuspakus4139d ago

THis has been in ALL of the Halo games... and you call this news? HAH!

Codeman4204139d ago

ive seen this its on and it shows more than that short clip.

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