Split-screen Multiplayer - Time for a Come-back?

The onset of each new generation of home consoles brings the promise of improvements. Prettier graphics, juicier sound effects, more immersive environments. Now this brand new seventh generation brings a technical advance that signifies the home console has finally grown up. It is the era where the internet becomes an integral part of the console experience.

However as technology makes games like 40 player Resistance: Fall of Man possible, it seems some developers are neglecting, or intentionally turning their back on, a type of game that I believe provides some of the most fun possible to be had on a console, split-screen multiplayer...

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MrSwede4139d ago

Yes, split-screen coop is the most fun I´ve had on a console!

BlackIceJoe4139d ago

I will say as much fun is it to play online some times you just want to grab some of your friends and play against them in good old
split-screen. I also like when you hook up two consoles and play with your buddy against two more of your friends. So this way you can see more stuff on the screen plus when you are playing a 2vs2 game no one can cheat.

So as much as online is big this gen I really do not want to see develops skip over split-screen because some times it is just more fun to play with some one you know over some one you do not.

TechWiz4139d ago

Great article, I totally agree with everything the author said. Nothing beats having your friends/family all together playing on the same console laughing and joking around. Bring back the good old days.

ReBurn4139d ago

It never should have gone away. With HDTV's there is more screen real estate than before, so there's no reason to not have it.

Kholinar4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

Well said.

This is the best justification of hd for a gamer outside of improved resolution (and because of it). It only makes sense.

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The story is too old to be commented.