Chinavision CVASQ-C811 plays *everything*

Chinavision's new CVASQ-C811 is a personal media player that besides music and video playing features, also has preloaded emulators for the NES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Sega Mega Drive. There's even a proper controller, which doubles as the unit's charging station. It's not the first Chinese PMP to come with emulators, and none of them are licensed - raising the question of what (if anything) the likes of Sega and Nintendo are doing to protect their IP in this field.

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Bigmac5734041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Its called PSP. Plays any game system excluding N64 and DS (even though there are a few emulators that run these games at low framerates). Otherwise, it plays NES, SNES, Genesis, Gameboy, GBA, GBC, Atari, Turbo Grafx, PSX, whatever.

And to those that disagree, you truly are a sucker if you don't own a downgraded PSP.

MrSwede4041d ago

It´s true, and then there´s the Gizmondo if you´d want to go with a product that no developer supports:). Is Gizmondo still available in America?

Synex4041d ago

Even if there wasn't the PSP to compete with this it looks stupid. It doesn't even look like they bothered to understand ergonomics....