'Halo 3' Buzz Fires Up Microsoft Shares

SAN FRANCISCO (Dow Jones) -- When Microsoft releases Halo 3 to video-game zealots later this month, the newest generation of the company's popular action game is widely expected to shatter sales records.

Microsoft shares rose 3% Monday ahead of the midnight game launch.

But while the latest edition of the blockbuster game franchise may put the software giant's game and entertainment business in the black for the first time, its release also poses a larger question: Will it also be the game changer that Microsoft (MSFT) needs in its gambit to become the central brand name in home entertainment?

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FordGTGuy4042d ago

I knew Halo was big but putting a multi-billion company up 3% is pretty good for a game.

Sangheili854042d ago

And it hasn't officially been release yet.