Marvel vs Capcom 3 Review: You Can Take Me For A Ride Anytime! (GameBlurb)

GameBlurb writes, "Its been a decade since the last Marvel Vs Capcom game was released, but the ultimate crossover franchise has finally made its way back onto the console. Where else could I possibly be able to have Ryu from Street Fighter pummel a hadouken into Iron Man?"

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liquidxtension2806d ago

Wow 2 reviews on one site with the same opinion. Seems good enough for me.

jaidek2806d ago

Hmm...I am a bit worried about the new control scheme. I mean, it seems less geared toward the hardcore gamers that play SSFIV and more towards the Super Smash Bros. crowd. I really wonder how this will do in the tournament scene.

evildeli2806d ago

If they were going for hardcore they would have added venom

Bay2806d ago

While I'm not too keen on simplifying the controls, I'm still getting it. I mean, I still want to beat people to death with my health bar using Deadpool. Thats enough for me. Now lets see if I have enough money to get it this Tuesday...

Kiroe2806d ago

Yeah, I am sure the new control scheme won't be an issue. It will still be a blast to play! Hurry up Tuesday and get here!!!

darkecho2806d ago

Maybe the simplification of controls will convince me to give it a try. These games always take tons of time to memorize all the moves.

MicrocutsX22806d ago

God damn Tuesday beter come sooon.

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