Play3 Live: Killzone 3 Review

Play3 Live's Killzone 3 review is now live.


Here's the english translation link:

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AxelTheAs2807d ago

Yep, I've update for the english translation link ;)

Ace_19752807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

The only character I ever liked in Killzone was Corporal Garza and they killed him off in Killzone 2. All the other characters are grade A douch bags like Rico, or people you just don't give a shit about.

Really hurts this series having such a piss poor line up of characters. And killing off the only character with a likability factor was beyond stupid.

beavis4play2807d ago

you didn't like luger or hakha in KZ1? they were great characters to play as..........i wish they'd bring them back.

B1663r2807d ago

Ahh more bubbles, and found this editorial of the space nazi's in KillZone.

"The Helgahst (aka Space Nazis) are feeling oppressed by the ISA after they were beaten in the first Helgan war (aka Space WWI and Space Treaty of Versailles) so they build up an army in secret, lead by their potentate Scolar Visari (aka Space Hitler) and launch a surprise attack on the planet of Vecta (aka Space France). An ISA traitor gives the Helgahst control of Vecta's space defense platform (aka Space Maginot Line) and things aren't looking so good for the poor people of Vecta (who are completely absent from the game). But a lone group of ISA soldiers (who must not have been from Space France originally because they actually win) battle through enemy lines and, against all reason and odds, defeat the ISA traitor and regain control of the SD platform before the Helgahst can use it to blow up the fleet being sent from Earth (aka Space America) to drive the Helgahst off Vecta.
Killzone 2 picks up with the ISA dropping on to Helgan (aka Operation Space Varsity) to take the fight to the Helgahst and, in theory, destroy Scolar Visari and end the war."

So, in conclusion, if you have sympathy for the helgasts, it means you yourself are a little petty Nazi wannabe.

Also, that link you provided read like military fiction, not sci-fi so suck on it.

KillZone is NOT Sci-fi.

B1663r2807d ago

Fine then Disagreers, Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts is science fiction as well. LOL

Son_Lee2807d ago

You're comparing the Helghast to Nazis? Fail.

Close_Second2807d ago

I love the look of K3 but already I'm finding the multiplayer disappointing. All the elements that ruined K2 multiplayer are back with a vengence in K3.

Unbalanced teams. Everyone wanting to snipe...again! Its like playing a game of soccer and everyone wanting to be the goalie.

Spawn Killing. This seems to be even worse now that the opposition knows where the strategic spawn points are located. If your team does not capture one then chances are you get pushed back into your base where it ends up being another Radec Academy, i.e. spawn kill central.

Some of the on-line elements are brilliant but because of the lack of team balancing and the spawn killing I'm unsure its a day 1 purchase for me now. I really don't want to put in the time into K3 multiplayer (I did over 150 hours for K2) if its going to end up the way of K2.

nix2807d ago

i don't remember getting killed in Radec Acedemy spawn points. i hardly remember getting killed around spawn points at all. though there were idiots who just wouldn't follow the mission.

Close_Second2807d ago

Radec ended up, more often than not, one team being pushed back into their home base and the other team spawn killing. Real COD tactics.

Son_Lee2807d ago

The multiplayer is what will save Killzone 3.

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