Resident Evil called 'racist video game series'

An author on left-leaning not only jumps on the controversy of Resident Evil 5's alleged racism, but calls it a "racist video game series." The article is such a mess that you really have to enjoy it for its absurdity. The piece starts by saying those who go to see the "blockbuster Resident Evil: Extinction" in the theaters may want to play the game, but those who do "will likely enter a world little-known beyond the expensive and expansive universe of gaming, a world increasingly populated with very dangerous depictions of nonwhites."

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acetw1n5489d ago

hati is where the whole zombie mythology started,I dont consider this game to be racist , grand theft auto san andrea seems to be racist to me.

MrWonderful5489d ago

GTA is note racist! are the tv shows with all black people racist! NO! and by the way im black

ArduousAndy5489d ago

the zombie myth o's of voodoo started in Africa. When the slaves started to come over. They hid there religion from there owners some even converted. Haiti was just an island that was taken over by the slaves that kept there beliefs.

There have been many off shoots of Voodoo like Santeria which is a mixture of Christianity and Voodooism and is predominantly in the Caribbean.

masterg5489d ago

How to make sure your game is not racist.

1. Make sure you have main playable characters from every race.
2. Make sure no race gets killed more than the other.
3. Make sure the race of the player you are playing only kills people of the same race.
4. Make sure each race have equal amounts of good and bad guys.

Now is that so hard... hehe

ShiftyLookingCow5489d ago

I just read the original article on alternet, this is even more ridiculous than the original. To people who are falsely reporting, did you even read the damn article?

Depressed Mode5489d ago

This should have been approved, hmmmm.

Dudeson425489d ago (Edited 5489d ago )

But I've been killing white, skinny, fat, bald, redneck, etc. zombies for YEARS and YEARS. Now that it's set in a primarily-black part of the world SUDDENLY thier racist? Um, no, I'm going to have to disagree there.

And if this is true, then I want all the previous RE games (which I own ALL of...) to be pulled from the shelves/resale shops/ebay too because I'm white and male-pattern-baldness runs in my family and shooting balding white guys seems awfully racist and degrading to my family heritage.

I didn't see all the foreign-language(was it spanish? I forget...)-speaking farmers get bent out of shape when Leon rolled into every singly village and killed men and thier wives in RE4...

REbirth5489d ago (Edited 5489d ago )

yep you right...did the spanish complain when they put then zombies?

its rediculous to see an article like this...its the same thing when the Lord of the rings the 2 towers was realesed in cinema...that actually were people saying that tittle should be changed cus the things that happened to world trade center an year sooner... tokien wrote the LoR in 1930 or something....

i just say one thing its STUPID...this guy is the one who is being racist cus this time we have black in the game... by the way we are all the same...

SmokeyMcBear5489d ago

well the lord of the rings is pretty racist.. how come there werent any black people in the kingdom of men? who were the only people to have dark skin? what were they? hehe,, just adding some fuel to the racist argument

socomnick5489d ago

People need to shut up about this game being racist heck I would love to kill zombies of all races. Asian , black , Hispanics and white. Im a equal opportunity zombie offender.

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