PS+ 5 Years On, Still Worth It?

Jay of has written an opinion piece on where he believes Playstation Plus is heading during the next five years.

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Nitrowolf22805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

It's more of what PS+ is now and not about what it will be in 5 years, unless your saying it will be the same, which with recent surveys doesn't seem like it will be.

I do agree with the timed exclusive stuff, it should be longer then a week at least.

I hope they do that with transfer for next gen, instead of having it be a new network and everything.

mantisimo2805d ago

Yeah mostly what it's like now and what the future might hold if you buy from now.

Particularly interesting about the PS4 backwards comp, never thought of that before.

Don't want to buy hundreds of games if they aren't transferable when the time comes.

B1663r2805d ago

But that is the point, you probably already played on those games to your hearts content. It will be time for new games.

Think old magazines and newspapers, and books (pulp fiction) you already read... You throw that stuff out, you are done with it.

If you really want to, just keep the PS3 around, and you will ~probably~ still be able to play them, but then like an old victrola record or record player, the people who are interested in that format all die, then the format fades away.

Back in the day... I loved Borland Delphi+ and I had a $3000 copy of the software. However there is no longer a market for Delphi software, so... I eventually just threw the software out.

Just like my Cassette version of Led Zepplins entire collection, mostly because I will probably never buy a cassette player again.

And If I ever get the itch to listen to Led Zepplin again, I wouldn't really have a problem to go buy it on the format of the day. (I won't though because I am no longer an angsty teenager, who smokes pot with long hair and black band t-shirts, etc)

So either way, big deal...

chainer30002805d ago

I am perfectly happy with how it is now... And honestly, I would be okay (yet disappointed) with paying with 7$ for great classics like FF7-9, and even more for FF10 portable. I have saved MUCH more than I have spent on the subscription alone. The services offered on the PS3 system and the PSP system from PS+ has far outweighed the price I paid for a 3 month subscription. I will continue to subscribe, especially with cloud-saving around the corner.

That said, PS+ is not for everyone. For me, however, it seems custom tailored. I love it.

trounbyfire2805d ago

why the hell do people still post this crap. name a person that had plus and not many PSN games that has not broken even yet.

people that get freedlc i mean come on STOP IT plus is a good thing. they even gave away a brand new game for free.

mantisimo2805d ago

I have definitely made a profit but to be honest I don't play what I made a profit on. It's ok but needs more content I want to play.

And exclusive content should be exclusive and not just for a week.

BabyTownFrolics2805d ago

unless your receiving checks from sony your not making any sort of profit

you may be saving money if you were planning to buy all that shit in the first place, but you are not profiting

the only one profiting is sony

andrew1719942805d ago

well its in ur download list look there ull find the games that u got will on plus

FFXI1012802d ago

Tell me about it, how many times do we have to go through this $hit.

People who likes it will tell you why they think is worth and people who don't like will tell you why they think is not worth. Do we have to post/read this $hit every month??

ktchong2805d ago

The price of PS3 really has not come down enough. Most consumers are reluctant to pay $300 for a 5-year-old game consoles. I'm personally not willing to pay for it for myself or as a gift for other people. It really should be $200 at this point in its life cycle.

Sony fanboys can disagree as much as you want, I'm just telling you as it is from a consumer and non-fanboy's point-of-view.

wu-stix2805d ago

When Sony starts to see a decline in sales for the PS3 they will probably cut the price. A price cut cuts into their profits and since the PS3 is selling more than ever why would they cut the price.

Sorry to hear that you can't afford a PS3 but the PS3 is really a good deal. Consider you bought an xbox for $200. So for $100 more you get 154 Gb of more storage ($90), wi-fi ($50), blu-ray player ($100), online/netflix ($60). Even if you just got the bigger hard drive (which you would be stupid not to get because of faster load times and no jet engine and no disk scratching) and live you would save $50 on getting the PS3.

You hear something on these forums lots when talking about online play: "you get what you paid for".

OneSneakyMofo2805d ago

@Round Peg 42 million people say otherwise.

Price will dip to $250 this year and probably $200 next year. Like wu-stix, decrease in sales = price cut.

Sitris2805d ago

It's more like 48 million now :) just thought you would won't to know!

Dorwrath2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

Actually last year when I went to walmart my walmart could not keep the 360 instock. This year the tables have turned in my walmart at least, they cannot keep the PS3 in stock and the isn't selling out like the PS3 does.

I have a 360, I have had one for years. it's my main console. I did have an original PS3, but it was plagued with issues and I sold it. I got my tax refund last week and decided to invest in a PS3, bought plus and am loving my new purchase.

Why did I buy a PS3, because I am unsure where MS are heading. I don't think I am the only one.

IMO PSN+ isn't as good as Xbox Live in terms of ease of use, but it's far superior in value for money.

Dac2u2805d ago

Here's another similar scenario, in 2015, I'll have been a member of GameFly for six or seven years paying $40/month to have four games out. I come on hard times and am forced to discontinue the service. I'm now forced to give back the four games I had sent to me and I'm no longer able to play the hundreds of games I've played since becoming a member.

Does this make the GameFly membership a bad thing to have? Hell no, I make full use of the games I get every month. I don't expect to keep them when I stop paying, because it's a rental service. I think of PS+ the same way, except I get to keep some of the stuff and it costs a hell of a lot less.

BabyTownFrolics2805d ago

the difference is you choose the content you rent on gamefly, with PS+ sony chooses for you

i would say the gamefly deal is better

djreplay2805d ago

It should be better for $40 a month, thats nearly a year of PS +.

Dac2u2805d ago

Gamefly costs $225 for 15 months and you are allowed one game out at a time.

PS+ is only $50 for 15 months and you can keep all of the content while your subscription is active.

There are good arguments to be made for each one, I think they're about even. The point I was making, is that the author and many people who dislike PS+ always use the argument that you can't keep the content. But, they'd never use the same argument with something like GameFly.

Bell Boy2805d ago

If Gamefly were owned by Sony it would be an issue you would not be able to keep the games you RENTED

Some people need to wake up to the fact that companies are in it for the money THEY make not to give you endless freebies only for the consumer to still want more. Yet Sony still put together one hell of an OPTIONAL service

PS+ as given me loads of games included in my subscription to play the latest 3 include Stacking (new release $14.99 & getting great reviews), Digger HD ($9.99) and Sam and Max ($39.99 ALL 5 episodes)

Do the maths folks that's more than the $50 I paid for the year (with bonus 3 months thrown in so 15 months)

Bell Boy2805d ago

LOL at the disagrees was my calculations incorrect that just those 3 games total to more than the annual subscription to the service..pmsl

freeloaders of the world unite and cry cause if you are broke and don't renew you don't keep the games.....I must have seen you begging at the off ramp..

Next up an article on the god given right to download all games for free

Rageanitus2805d ago

I don't agree really for paying for these types of services... but one thing for sure psn+ has much more to offer than xbox live in terms of features.

danielle0072805d ago

Name them, please. I can't really think of what PSN+ has other than like free psone/arcade games that you don't get to pick, and exclusive sales.

XBL Gold has exclusive sales, timed demos, etc. Just the same as PSN+. XBL also has party chat, which is a godsend.

Rageanitus2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

ummmm netflix facebook need you to PAY for live....


Its funny HOw i was atempting to download the demo of bulletstorm on the xbox thinking it as the better version,But i was stoped with a message you need xbox live gold I was like WTF. Went straight o the ps3 and downloaded it for free without RESTRICTIONS

Its funny how xbox fanboys forget this fact.... they feel like they are getting something more when they PAY.

danielle0072805d ago

360 has facebook and netflix as well. I just feel like the interface on the 360 is so much better suited for online gaming, and that everything that it has and does is suited for fostering a community. Netflix for the 360 has parties so you can watch a movie with a friend, the party system by itself is really awesome, you can see who's in a party and who's playing what in a really nice and efficient system.

I don't feel like I'm getting a lot more, but I feel like I'm getting at least equal, but I really prefer the 360's interface and how everything is on it, so I'm willing to spend a little money on it.

Rageanitus2805d ago

Not calling you a fanboy... but I know of real fanboys and they are awfully surprised to hear the comments below. Yes I agree the interface is better on the 360 in terms of multiplayer but it is a bit more complicated on the ps3. IMO the "experience" found on he xbox does not justify the price...

I play all sorts of games and more of a PC gamer, and there are MANY things that bother me as a consumer when I you have to pay for so many things on the xbox.

I guess the problem from my perspective is seeing things being paid for when they should not be. It is only this generation I have seen ppl actually pay for DLC which is normally free on the pc environment.

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