Blu-ray Gets A New Exclusive Supporter - HTSA

Home Theater Specialists of America (HTSA), the $500 million buying group for A/V specialty dealers and installers, has formally confirmed that it is backing Blu-ray Disc technology based on sales trends among its 62 members.

The group announced during the recent CEDIA Expo that it will make Blu-ray its exclusive format choice for high-definition disc players. According to the results of an internal study released today, 92 percent of category sales by HTSA members were in Blu-ray players, with the balance comprised mostly of dual-format players that combine BD and HD-DVD playback capability.

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Lord Anubis4046d ago

off topic.

perhaps people have not noticed or perhaps I did not noticed but I was not aware that SMX (home theater) has a blu-ray player to watch movies like they were intended to be.

eXplotion4046d ago

another one for the champ

darthv724046d ago

that has so many companies worked up about? Both formats support the same codecs (audio/video), same resolution, same or similar features. Is it really just a matter of capacity? They both use the same type of laser with a slightly different frequency which has been proven to be flexible enough to warrant multi-format players.

I have tried to see what the big deal is between them. Why is one better than the other but can only come to the conclusion that they are equal in all technical aspects for what they are intended to do. This isn't like CD quality vs Record quality. They have the SAME quality!!!

Please someone convince me why one is better or why they simply can't coexist in the real world. DVD recordable media was able to come to a compromise, why not this?

drsfinest724046d ago

sony is wining the HD war. but xbox is winning the console war. ps3 would win the console war in the long run. by 2009 sony would be on top =]

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4046d ago


Blu-ray, and HD-dvd are at a stalemate.

Nintendo Wii is winning the console wars.

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