Kid Icarus Wii to be announced at Leipzig?

IGN's Matt Cassaminassa thinks so. From a post on the IGN Wii boards, under the title "Is the Kid back?"

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specialguest5378d ago

who would vote lame on this news? this is exciting stuff. this is Kid Icarus! this game was back when there were little to no console rivalry at all and everyone were playing the same games.

Ken Kutaragi5378d ago

I love Nintendo. They are my idols. that is why I stole tilt sensing from them!

BIadestarX5378d ago (Edited 5378d ago )

I wish Nintendo stops screwing things up. I used to love zelda the way it used to be (not 3D), Mario the same, Metroid is now a shooter. Nintendo's obsession of making every IP 3D. Now this... Kid Ikarus will play just like zelda. No Pun Intended; I know I will be burned by Nintendo's fanboys for saying that; But I stopped playing some of these IPs because they changed the everything loved about them. My favorite games ever are still (Metroid, Super Mario 3, Zelda 3 for SNES). I can't wait for zelda for the DS (which will play just like Zelda 3).

ChickeyCantor5378d ago

metroid in 3d got more depth but i 2d games where more what nintendo used to be

wakkiwakko5378d ago

It's all about taste.

The first Zelda title for the 64 has been labeled as the best Zelda game of all time. 3d has its touches and it is cool and all, but 3d adds detail 2d can't. And devs/creators want to see more of what they've envisioned than just a top view of the environment.

Zelda for Snes was great. Metroid was cool. All Mario games were fantastic. It’s just that we’re in 3d era now. Sides, Metroid for GCN was great. Mario for GCN wasn’t at all bad. Zelda wasn’t horrible.

3D just adds detail 2D can’t handle. It can also expand on the visual theme giving you more depth for the environment. It gives you more to enjoy. It may not be your cup of tea. So, don’t play it. You can bash it all you want and that way you’ll never end up enjoying it. Heck, Metal Gear was a great top down game back in its day. MGS wasn’t that great at all. It had its flaws. MGS2 wasn’t superb, 3 was a tad better, and 4 is to have a 3d camera. I grew accustomed to the static camera in previous MGS games. I just cant see how 4 will be played. If it’s like Splinter Cell… then what’s the point? Is it following the Resident Evil? I hope it’s great, but with changing the whole… game play that we’re all used to, it’s just like going from 2d to 3d.

So why don’t you go complain about that?

BIadestarX5378d ago

You got it all wrong. I'm not trying to batch Nintendo. I'm sure that people like the way Metroid, Mario, and Zelda turned out to be. I agree with you 100%. I just believe that some games are meant to stay the way they were. Take Super Mario for the DS, Most people are happy that mario went back to its root. I believe that an IP should stay truth to itself. Take Metroid for example, it went from an adventure game to a shooter. The game feels completely different. I'm not saying that Nintendo should stop porting all their games to 3D; but some of us wish we can play some of this IP the way they were. I also believe that not every game has to be 360. It is ok to have a side-scroller or top view game from time to time.

wakkiwakko5378d ago

DS can handle both 3d (minimally) and 2d. 2d games on the DS are great as are some of the 3d ones.

But on the GCN or even PS2 (with contra) Y'know? Releasing a straight forward 2d game on a system where people expect graphics. Well, it'd be disappointing. You'll always have the DS for 2d adventure games, but on consoles, they (we “gamers”) always want more.

You would be really disappointed if they released the next big title for the ps3 or 360 or even Wii in complete 2d 8bit/16bit for a regular game price. It would be embarrassing to play. On a handheld it’s fun, but on a big screen television? Just plug in your super Nintendo. =D

When you have a machine, capable of cloning human, in front of you, you’d be awfully mad if growing grass was all it did.

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achira5377d ago

hey this was the first game i played on my nes. this game was soooo cool. but i dont know if it will be cool in 3D. but nice to see it again !!