Guild Wars 2 video for Kryta, the last Human homeland

ArenaNet has released a new video for Guild Wars 2, which provides the viewer a look at the Human race in their homeland of Kryta.
The video is just stunningly beautiful, if we may say so ourselves.

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digitalivan2802d ago

I am canceling my WoW subscription when this comes out. I saw a couple of gameplay videos, and I was impressed. I already played Guild Wars 1, it was good, but this will take it to a whole other level.

Persistantthug2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

I really really really really really, hope this game gets announced for a PS3 version......


Spinal2800d ago

Dude. lol Any Good MMO on console would not translate well. I got DCUO on PS3 an i can tell you its an Okay game AT Best. And with my 32 inch HD tv the chat window is so small an i find myself hardly even looking at it. An tryin to send quick messages with the Dual shock is Just Frickin GAY.

I played my first free month of DCUO an not continuing a sub probably give the game to my lil bo when he finishes his last year of uni.

an MMO just wont be much good on a console. its just not made for that environment. I play WoW on my pc an even the worst MMO's i played like Warhammer an Age of Conan work alot better as MMO's than DCUO on the ps3. Just simply cause keyboard an mouse is simply better. An havin a monitor closer to you than your HDtv means seeing the chat window alot Easier.

Persistantthug2800d ago

Why not use that if you don't like the controller?

I haven't played it, but from what I'm told by some of my friends, DCUO is pretty fun.

Sorry you didn't like it, but the game is a success and it proves MMORPG's can be done on consoles.

However, there was already an MMORPG that was on the PS3 that you might not have heard of.....

There's definitely a good chance for Guild Wars 2 to the PS3. It might not, but it is entirely possible.

Spinal2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

@PT reply above,

I didnt say i didn't like DCUO its a decent game but i wont be spending a monthly sub for it. Cause you haven't played DCUO you got no idea how it plays. Its pretty much like any Hack an slash game you will just be mashing buttons doing all your moves. This works for the DC cause its a superhero game its meant to be face paced action.

But with WoW and Star Wars and Guild Wars they are more slow paced action in the way you quest an so on. Go to if u wanna see leaked SWTOR beta vids. Its a WoW clone in star wars universe. I aint complaining tho.

If Guild Wars 2 was developed for console i fear the game itself will Suffer from being Dumbed down. Trust me DCUO is quite a dumbed down game compared to WoW. I've got both so i can compare easily. My lil bro likes DCUO an thats cause its so simple! (fast pace button mash gameplay he likes Modern warfare 2) when he looks at WoW he's quite confused as to what the hell is going on screen. Cause its got alot more goin on. Thats why its so successful its gameplay is on top of its game.

I've watched videos of Guild Wars 2 an I can see clearly that it will not come to PS3 or any other console. Mark my words GW2 will not come to consoles. Its got too much going on under the bonnet that game is looking like a beast!

Persistantthug2800d ago

You're saying 'it doesn't count'....basically.

Ok, Np....But what about Final Fantasy 11? Wait...that doesn't count.

Ok....How about FF14 that's coming? No?

Ok....What about FREE REALMS next month? No?

Ok....What about Everquest 2 that was hinted by Sony?

Hmmm...Well what about UNCHARTED WATERS ONLINE?

SpinalCord.....I just named you 6 MMORPG's that are out now, or have been announced.

I think we are past the question of whether consoles can and will have MMO's....way past that.

PS....NC Soft has already promised Sony MMO's for the PS3....that's why GUILD WARS 2 is very possible.

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Spinal2800d ago

Yep Guild Wars 2 and Diablo 3 would make my WoW account collect dust.

I cant wait to get this game and play a Charr Warrior. Whirlwind FTW!!! lol

Letros2802d ago

Good lord that city is ginormous!

Darkfiber2802d ago

Saw this a few days ago but damn, breathtaking scope. Amazing art style.

alphakennybody2801d ago

that's fvcking huge! can't wait to play it.

yess2801d ago

That was eye candy...

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