Do You Remember? – Half-Life

I know what you're thinking about this weeks "Do You Remember?". "How can Charlie be writing an article on Half-Life? How can we not remember this game? This segment is supposed to be about games that we seem to have forgotten." Wrong. This segment is about games that we seem to have forgotten AND games that should always be remembered. And Half-Life is certainly one of those games.


"Do You Remember?" is a weekly segment, so look out for a new one next week ;)

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DoomeDx2807d ago

Yeah i remember.

When i think about Half-Life, first thing i think of is the 15 minute long ride in that cablecar thingy

Kran2807d ago

Thats what made it Game of the Year ;D

ATiElite2807d ago

actually I just finished playing Blue Shift and Opposing Force a few days ago and a message for the editor.... Decay is also on the PC thanks to modders.

One day before the world ends maybe we will get to play Black Mesa which is Half Life 1 redone with the Source engine.

That 15 minute Tram ride in the opening scene really set the tone for this epic adventure!!

GothicFighter2807d ago

I'm playing it right now for the 3rd time.
Actually, I've just closed Opposing Force.

bananlol2807d ago

Well the opposing force expansion is interesting, personally i have no idea if its part of the official half-life story. Gearbox also made blue-shift and decay and its clearly official but nothin about the race-x aliens and adrian shepard is ever mentioned in hl2 and its episodes.

PainisCupcake2807d ago

The only part of OP4 thats considered part of the story is the nuke. Valve were pissed off with gearbox that they'd taken so many liberties with the story and said to them can you at least destroy black mesa so we don't have to go back there in another game.

bananlol2807d ago

Thanks for the heads up. Makes sense because i cant see how the gene worm would fint into the story arc.

snaileri2807d ago

Only a console gamers wouldn't remember HL1.

Kran2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Im mostly a console gamer. I remember. And Half-Life was on PS2 too, so.

@to the disagreers of wesley-dw

I must agree. Half-Life is so much better than Killzone. You dont need huge effects for a game to be brilliant.

DoomeDx2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Same here.
Only Casual CoD gamers never heard of Half-Life.

Half-Life (and Half-life 2) is by far the best FPS out there!

Sorry killzone 3, you are very close though :)

Solidus187-SCMilk2807d ago

but HL PC came out years before the ps2.

I remember wanting the DC version too and it never came out.

HL 1 on pc is my favorite game. My next favorite is probably deus ex 1(also has a ps2 version).

Imalwaysright2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Im mostly a console gamer too and HL is by far the best FPS i ever played. PC gamers are always talking about Crysis. If you guys want to impress console gamers you should talk about the HL series. HL> Crysis in every fucking except graphics.

RyuCloudStrife2807d ago

There was also a Dreamcast unreleased leak version and PS2 and Mac OS version. I did enjoy it on the PC and just yesterday I was looking to downloading it...

xtremegamerage2807d ago

Loved the first game more then the second tbh.

But the graphics in the second game bring it to life more.

I really wish valve would really up that engine for HL3.(maybe they have:))

On the subject of HL1, they should remake it themselves with new engine and also put it on consoles.

It would sell!!!!!!!!!

Xenoliath2807d ago

Judging by the graphics on display in the Source Engine used for Portal 2, if and when the next Half Life game releases, it will likely look considerably better than previous games in the franchise.

Solidus187-SCMilk2807d ago

its half life 1 with the HL 2 engine. It will be free for people with HL 2. Im not sure if it will ever come out or if it will be good but it could be awesome. Ill try it for free.

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