Level Up: Wii = Gamecube 1.5? Beyond3D Crunches the Numbers

Level Up writes:

"Unruffled by Bouzid's implicit challenge to our generally accepted infallibility, we asked he and his writers to pen a guest essay for Level Up based upon their own investigation into the Wii's technical specifications. We were also curious about why Beyond3D persisted in trying to uncover the Wii's specs when Nintendo was both a) thoroughly unforthcoming about such information; and b) insistent that specs were irrelevant when discussing the Wii. The resulting essay, which appears below, was co-authored by Tim Murray (who covers general purpose computing on GPUs for Beyond3D) and Stefan Salzl (who covers console hardware and trends), and edited by Bouzid. Read on."

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ItsDubC4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

$5 says midgard or bootsielon will get excited by the story title and post a denigrating Wii comment.

ChickeyCantor4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

" People should be aware that they're not going to get something like Heavenly Sword or Halo 3"

if you havnt figured that out already then you must be retarded.

" Will the Wii continue to do as well once the Xbox 360 or the PS3 approaches the $200 barrier?"
Well yeah duhhhh because Wii would be way lower then.

"If Sony and Microsoft introduce their own versions of the Wii controller (which is defined entirely by its motion-sensing capability), will the Wii still matter?"

will the controller be standard?

And i dont even know why i took the time to read it >_> unlike many i couldnt care less, i just want my franchise, and its a fact Wii is stronger then the GCN and how much doesnt matter, its still providing the games i want( supermario galaxy looks fine if games in the future are going to look like that i wont be complaining) XD

but yeah thats me....

wow even ITsdubc got disagreed =D


I agree with you about HS on wii, I mean anyone the that doesnt know about that fact is simply retard or never read or got TV or any access to any sources of news.

However, one think that I'm disagree with you and actually agree with the article is the cost of the wii. In the manufacturing world right now, the DVD drive's cost is in the point where it cannot be easily reduce any further (I didnt say that it cant be reduce, but doing so will be extremely hard) because the manufacturing process for DVD player is very saturated. It is much easier to reduce cost of manufacturer from $800 to $700, but it is really hard to reduce from $10 - $5. Sony can reduce price of the PS3 from 599 to 399 faster than Nintendo can reduce price of wii from 249 to 150.

Kholinar4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

That might be true, except Sony's just getting into the black, where Nintendo's already there by at least $75.

So while it might take them a little longer to get to $150, they could probably go to $175 in almost no time without loss. Whereas Sony will almost certainly be loosing money with such a move.

And $399 is still not that attractive to mainstream consumers.

ChickeyCantor4045d ago

you do realize that Sony is losing money on each console sold?
heck even Microsoft, especially with that redring problem.
So Sony could take down their price but i can tell you that between now and 2 ( maybe 3) years a price drop would make them loose way to much money.

like kholinar stated Nintendo can drop the price, even now without losing money.

sticky doja4045d ago

Do you really think the DVD drive will keep the Wii from going down? Thats one of the cheapest parts. Its the CPU/GPU/Motherboard and WiFi which cost the most, and all can go down considerably the older the technology gets.

ItsDubC4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

You do make a good point THUNDERMARE, that there exists a point at which the manufacturing cost of a particular component cannot be reduced any further.

I think there are two major factors in this discussion tho: a) Nintendo has profitted from each Wii sold at its $249.99 pricepoint from the very beginning and b) the less-powerful Wii should always at least be less-expensive to produce than competing consoles during its entire lifespan. I say "should" because I don't know enough about manufacturing costs and advances in eletronics manufacturing to know for sure if there will ever become a time during the Wii's lifecycle that the 360 will cost less to produce than the Wii (I doubt the PS3 will approach similar production costs but again, I'm no expert).

So given these two factors, it seems to me that it will be much easier for Nintendo to place the Wii at $200 or lower than either MS or Sony. No one outside of Nintendo really knows how much it costs to produce a Wii but chances are extremely high that that cost is lower than what MS and Sony spend to produce their respective consoles. Production costs are likely to fall as time goes on, so I think Nintendo will have plenty of breathing room to drop the price of the Wii by the time competitors meet or fall below the Wii's current price of $249.99.


Of course, Kholinar and sidar beat me to the punch w/ much more succinct responses. Don't bother reading mine lol =D

Kholinar4045d ago

In regard to price drops, it depends on how customized the hardware is.

Moore's law (that hardware prices are cut approximately in half every year) applies mostly to very mainstream ubiquitous hardware.

For example, the emotion engine was obviously a problem for sony. That's because sony's pretty much the only one who created demand for it. So prices didn't drop as much. A lot of console hardware is so customized that it drops incrementally instead of swiftly like mainstream computer components.

Each system is unique. Sony will certainly get the bluray component to drop drastically in the longterm. The cell might or might not, depending on it's consumer uptake in the pc realm... which doesn't look really good at this point. Ram doesn't seem to be an issue since all console manufacturers this gen are stingy on this from the first in spite of very little cost (which confounds me). The xbox has a custom processor... it's going to take a long time for that to drop, but the rest is more generic. So it might drop and be more competitive to the wii. I suspect a lot of the wii's cost beyond the cpu/gpu is in peripheral controllers or development. So it may drop just as quickly. Only nintendo knows at this point.

djt234045d ago

i total agree with you sidar

ChickeyCantor4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

sankyou Djt23.

And dubc just say it anyway !! there are people who only get it if its explained in a different way....=D

ItsDubC4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Interesting... I didn't realize the pricing aspect of Moore's Law. I simply understood it to mean that the number of transistors on ICs doubles every 2 yrs or so due to advances in technology.

I admit that uptake of Cell technology has been slower than I had expected. A year ago, I thought that Cell-based IBM Blade servers would be fairly commonplace by this time and that many Toshiba electronics would be using it. I don't know if it's hardware cost or the fact that Cell SDKs are not quite ready for primetime yet but I thought we'd see the Cell in a lot more devices by now.

Interesting that you mention the cost of Wii controllers because I've read reports about Logitech and Mad Catz jumping in w/ Nintendo to make these controllers, and was wondering how, if at all, this would affect pricing and supply of Wiimote-specific components. Nintendo has apparently not been able to ramp up Wii production the way they had planned for the holiday season due to Wiimote components being in short supply, so I assume Logitech and Mad Catz won't be able to produce these controllers as soon as they'd like.

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PS360WII4045d ago

all the consoles are an upgrade I just don't understand really. You can call the 360 an xbox 1.5 and the ps3 and ps2.5 That's kind of the point of the next iteration of hardware to improve upon your previous release. Naturally no one calls their system 1.5 or whichever they just give it a new name for the sake of looking good. However no matter how many times I say this or someone else says this everyone already has there opinion written in stone so what can you do. You either hate it, or love it, or kind of like it.... Just like the others.

akaFullMetal4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

well if the wii is 1.5, and the 360 is what 3 or 4 times more powerful than the xbox, and the ps2 being weaker than all of the other last gen consoles, then its at least then 4 to 5 equalling the 360 just to put it there, then the wii is still way under powering, but that is not what they were worried about, and well it payed off

wii= 1.5
360= 3.5-4
ps3= 4.5-5 since was weaker than the rest to equal 360's power

Kholinar4045d ago

Probably not. Doubling or quadrupling clock speed, etc. doesn't equal double or quadruple performance.

We'd all like to just boil it down to pure numbers, but it's not that simple.

akaFullMetal4045d ago

thats true, but compared to the other consules, wii is under powered to them, but that is not nintendo was searching to do, so in reality this comparsion doesnt mean nothing but showing whats under the hood of the wii

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