Shift 2 Unleashed: New Tracks and Screenshots Unveiled

Here are some brand new screenshots of Shift 2 Unleashed, the upcoming racing game from Slightly Mad and Electronic Arts.

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Tigan2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

This game is going to be amazing. If its going for realism than it might be the only racing sim this gen that challenges forza in terms of realism. Night races look crazy and that helmet cam looks insane.

StrifeHawkins2806d ago

realism? have you even played this game?

how is forza realistic? it has permanent assists, and widens real life tracks to make it easy to drive

Inside sim racing guys say that when they first played forza 3 they thought it was realistic in 2010 they apologized and said that forza 3 is not really a sim.

Forza is semi-sim, shift 2 is going to be entertaining not realistic. if they wanted realism they would have stripped the graphics engine to be more plain like gt and forza in order to handle the physics calculations and to calculate physics realistically you would need alot of processing power, by removing load on the gpu and spu they could make a realistic game, but this game does not look like its gonna be realistic judging from shift 1

Close_Second2806d ago

Tigan, I'm interested to know how GT5 compares to Forza in terms or realism?

Tigan2806d ago

@close to second

"Tigan, I'm interested to know how GT5 compares to Forza in terms or realism?"

Honestly i am trying to give GT5 a chance. Got it for christmas and it's almost like a chore to get in to it. It plays just like any other GT game out there in terms of realism so take that however you like to. I have played all the GT's in past ps consoles and i find this one no different with the exception of upgraded graphics. Like i said i am only on level 14 and have not completed the begginers or the amateurs or proffesionals. I find this game to be all over the f*cking place and it's taking time for me to like it.

I prefer Forza's level of details in car customizations and car damage.


Yes GT5 is so realistic with green arrows all over the track showing you where to drive and red lines showing you where to brake too just like in real life right?? There are pros and con's to both games bud. I hate GT5's car damage as far as i am concerned they are non existant at this point. If you're up to a real racing sim try a series called GTR and GTR2 made BY SIMBIN.

jib2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

forza, gt, shift: none of them come close to the sims on PC. no point in arguing about it. @strife the gpu has nothing to do with the physics engine

on topic: these shots aren't jaw dropping or anything but look good enough for me. first one had that ugly overstering physics but it was A LOT of fun so i'm still buying

for those interested. i just found this--worlds fastest sim racer races on a real track:

aaaaaaaaa2806d ago

Agree with you 100% about PC Sim racing I'm signing up for iracing in a few day after my friend has been on my case for the past 12 months about it.

Nice link about iracing and the story of Gregger "Alien" Huttu, Wish him good luck for the future.

morkendo232806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

agreed, after reading the translation blackbox suppose to make another NFS by nov.?? (end of year) gee, SERIOUSLY hope its not like UNDERCOVER,PROSTREETS,CARBON,M OSTWANTED.

Close_Second2806d ago

I didn't play the first Shift but this one has me interested. Hope it plays and looks good on PS3.

mcstorm2806d ago

This looks good I picked Shift up just after xmas and although not as good looking as Forza 3 or GT5 it is a fun game and also offers something different than the other two. Think it will be a day 1 pickup for me this game.