Americas Weekly Chart < Week Ending 05th Feb 2011 >

The week's top-selling games ranked by unit sales

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RIP_Weazel2808d ago

What a strange and funny world vgchartz lives in.....

PlayerX2808d ago

X360 130,444
Wii 96,564
DS 95,978
PS3 73,619
PSP 28,091
PS2 20,370

So all 3 Sony platforms can't outsell Xbox in America? Ouch

RIP_Weazel2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

"So all 3 Sony platforms can't outsell Xbox in America? Ouch"
There, i've done all my crying.
Back to playing decent games, and laughing at fu*kwits who put too much stock in this sort of nonsense.
Have fun with your statistical analysis (and multiple accounts) pal.

Shadow Flare2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

"So all 3 Sony platforms can't outsell Xbox in America? Ouch"

And all the while in japan, ps3 continuously hammerblows 360, negating any sales advantage 360 has in america. And then Europe just caps it off for ps3 to make it outsell 360 in total worldwide sales, again. That's the way it's always been, and why ps3 has consistently been outselling 360 worldwide. But please, just focus on america if that's what makes you happy.

"teh japan is not important"
PS3 – 218,165
Xbox 360 – 16,054
Japan-January Sales

Estimate yearly value:
218,165 -16,054 = 202,111
202,111 x 12 = 2,425,332 ps3's outselling

ugo2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

u see the reason ps3 fans detest bot fans, when there was only Sega,Nintendo and Sony ,there was nothing like console war

Bigpappy2808d ago

We have this level of fanboyism and worst on both sides. What gives the PS3 fanboys more power here on N5G is that PS3 fans far out number 360's. When there is bad behavior on the 360 side, it is quickly pointed out (you might soon see his comment blocked in some manner), but when it is a PS3 fanboy miss behaving, people will usually turn a blind eye or encorage the behavior.

That's just my experience and observation. So you don't need to worry that he pointed that out to upset you, it will soon be blocked out and he will soon disappear from the site.

Clarence2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

So a year headstart and the 360 still can't hold on to the lead over the PS3. Ouch!
Kinect, Halo Reach, and 360 slim all in the same year yet the PS3 outsells the 360 by 2.3m in 2010? Ouch!

Still no citings of Greenberg? Ouch!

Ah thats bull$h!t there has been a lot of miss behaving people on the 360 side and a blind eye has been turned as well. You are doing it now by using the phrase fanboy. Just my experience and observation.

PlayerX2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Honestly I don't care about 360 I just knew ps3 fanboys on here would rage.

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ssj2gohan832808d ago

I just love how vgchartz pulls numbers out of their asses.

LunaticBrandon2808d ago

I can confirm at least one of those Little Big Planet 2 sales is legit.

ssj2gohan832808d ago

Can you please provide links comparing the official numbers against vg's numbers. That would be highly appreciated.

Gothdom2808d ago

I still don't understand why vgchartz keeps getting approved here. The community baffles me.

xtremegamerage2808d ago

I pulled something come out of my arse the other day. I wish it was a number.

IQUITN4G2808d ago

Well done MS

Xbox is a lot of fun and i have no problems finding great games for it.I also like these weekly reports if only so that it serves to annoy Sony love fans- and clearly it does

gaden_malak2808d ago

Not really. Every quarterly report from Sony shows how far off vgchartz really is.

Moentjers2808d ago

copy first 2 sentences from Adropacrich2.


"I also like these yearly reports if only so that it serves to annoy vgchartz and makes them lower the xbox numbers and multiply the ps3 numbers"

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