Nippon Ichi Software working on NGP title for this year

Nippon Ichi Software held a little event in San Francisco the other night where they showed off Arc Tonelico Qoga and Cave Story 3DS. While everyone was giddy with joy over a new Cave Story, Nippon Ichi Software Vice President, Johanna Hirota, talked about a couple of other games in the works that sounded pretty exciting.

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pedrami912806d ago

You mean a port from the PS3 to the NGP ?

No thanks, but id rather want them work on something more "original"

ChronoJoe2806d ago

Probably will be Disgaea 3, if you look at there past releases. PS2 games went to PS2 and PSP, PS3 will go to NGP and PS3.

sinncross2805d ago

I think Disgaea would be the minimum. I really hope its something new... even a new Prinny could be cool.