Bulletstorm Wallpapers in HD

GR - "Bulletstorm Wallpapers in 1080p HD and 720p HD for wide-screen desktops, PS3 backgrounds, Laptops and HDTVs"

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StillGray2807d ago

Bulletstorm is going to be goddamn epic.

techrave2807d ago

Anyone else looking forward to this more than Duke Nukem Forever after the recent previews?

Shok2807d ago

Duke Nukem doesn't interest me at all. The hype for that game has gone away for me, it's been too long.

Duke is pretty over-rated to me IMO anyways.

Eiffel2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

I'm hoping reviews come in before it releases, I'm not gonna pre-order if so. I'm 50/50 with this game currently, one half wants to, but another half wants to see what the official outcome is before making any rash decisions.

Kon2806d ago

No. We're in 2011, and the game is looking 2005

tdrules2806d ago

every non-gamer I've shown Bulletstorm to gets all nostalgic about Duke Nukem.
I think I'll be buying both, there hasn't been one let alone two ridiculously ott shooters in a long time

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Raven_Nomad2806d ago

These are pretty sweet! I've had BulletStorm pre ordered for a while now, just slapped on one of those sweet Backgrounds too. Of course getting Gears 3 Beta access is just an awesome bonus!