Celebrate Macross in PlayStation Home

Macross's connection with PlayStation Home goes beyond that sweet SDF-1 personal space item, which is totally transformable, like so:

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Godmars2902805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

*!!!!!!!Four hours f ranting and raving about Harmony Gold cock-blocking anything Macross related because they refuse to let the Robotech license go!!!!!!!*

And yes, I have a JP account and will be getting this free thing shortly, hence the lack of ALL CAPS, but of course I want this in my main US account.

Nicaragua2804d ago

yup, means i have to pay a fortune in import tax every time i wanna buy one of the Yamto valkyries. It would have saved me a fortune if i could just have bought them in the UK from a distributor.

Harmony Gold suck

ComboBreaker2804d ago

they just need to bring out a new Macross VFX game for the PS3.

Godmars2902804d ago

HG has European licensing rights as well? Did not know that they were screwing fans in other Western markets as well.

@ComboBreaker: Only thing on the PS3 that's Macross related is the False Diva Blu-ray that comes with a upscaled PSP title. But there have been literally tons of Macross games otherwise.

dredgewalker2804d ago

I'm lucky I live in a country untouched by Harmony Golds greed where stores can freely sell Macross toys without any problems.

Nicaragua2804d ago

which country is that ?

Im guessing its gotta be Japan coz they have fucked things up everywhere else.

Redempteur2805d ago

hum a transforming macross for free ..i kanda want it too

DanteKnightsTemplar2805d ago

Man. That does look kinda awesome. I want that in my european account. Stupid legal issues n' law n' stuff.

RememberThe3572805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

I'm watching this on Netflix right now. So far I gotta say the the first part of the show is better than the second part. I'd love to have an SDF-1 in my Home apartment though.

ChrisW2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

Ahh, Macross!!! So much better than Gundam!

It's "almost" worth reinstalling HOME onto my PS3...

StarScream4Ever2804d ago

Gundam last a long time than Macross.

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