Super Mario All-Stars Reprint Listed on Toys "R" Us Website - No Gamer Left Behind

The rumored reprint of the Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition collection gains some credibility after Toys "R" Us lists a new shipment on their website. Don't pay those outrageous eBay prices just yet.

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christheredhead2803d ago

i think its safe to say that a reprint is pretty much confirmed. i missed the opportunity to pick this up the 1st time around and any one selling a copy wants 60-90 dollars. i want a copy but id never pay that much for it so im glad i can get it now for a fair price.

pcz2803d ago

depends if the reprint is in the same form as the first run.

i hope the re-print is basic, and is just the disc in the plastic case- not with the soundtrack and booklet.

a reprint of the limited edition is an insult to everyone who purchased that addition, because the main draw was that it was LIMITED! if they do a reprint then its not limited, is it!

so re-printing but with a basic version will be fair. and keep the limited version, limited!

christheredhead2803d ago

yah i do agree that the limited edition should stay limited. i mean thats the whole point. if its just the game and case thats cool with me as thats pretty much what im looking for. im not really interested in the book and cd, its pretty neat, but i just never collect those kinds of things anyways. i guess we'll have to wait and see how they decide to reprint, if its gonna be the whole package or just the game. it should be just the game in my opinion though.