Best Science Fiction Video Games - Halo or Mass Effect?

There's been many fantastic science fiction video games over the past ten years, including Crysis and Dead Space, but for many people either the Halo or Mass Effect games are the very best. But how do they really compare?

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smoothdude2807d ago

Why limit it to just these two games?

Mr_Shuttlezworth2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Of these two games i feel Mass Effect definitely has the edge. Halo come's off to me as very cartoonish and childlike. I never really cared about what what going on in the story, as none of it was very interesting. Basically once they forced me to play as the arbiter i became very disinterested in the whole thing, i couldn't even manage to finish Halo 3. It also seems to me that the majority of the online community consists of preteens and high school kids, and i have no interest in being subjected to what these perverted devil children have to say.

Mass Effect on the other hand had me hook, line, and sinker. I admit i was very late to play the original Mass Effect, as i had only purchased it on steam a few months ago. The depth of the story sucked me into a world where i was able to make my own decisions and feel like i was making a difference in the outcome, instead of following a linear path that has been pre-determined. The gameplay, in my opinion was reminiscent of KoTOR, but mixed with some 3rd person shooter elements, and it all blended together so well. I have yet to even get too far into Mass Effect 2, but already i am already in love with it all over again.

smoothdude2806d ago

I agree. I didn't play mass effect until the demo came out on the PS3. I just couldn't wait to play the whole game so I purchased both Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 on Steam. Best money I have ever spend.

Kran2807d ago

The real nominees should be:

Mass Effect
Knights of the Old Republic

My choice:

1. Knights of the Old Republic
2. Mass Effect (it was a tight call between the two)
3. Halo
4. Starcraft (since ive never played the 1st one, but I have for the second)

ShiftyLookingCow2807d ago

lol at the sore people disagreeing. KoTOR was freaking awesome when it came out. It made Star Wars that much cooler. Sadly the next game is an mmo, I could only wish it was PC/PS3/360 single player epic rpg.

B1663r2807d ago

I agree, Kotor is one of the best games of all time, however, Star Wars is pure slipstream, and doesn't really qualify as sci-fi...

Bigpappy2807d ago

So now it is time to compare FPS to RPG's. Good luck with that.

Nicaragua2807d ago

its comparing science fiction to science fiction numbnuts.

Nate-Dog2807d ago

Only two games, and at that two completely different games for a question like this? Come on.

Valkyre2807d ago

er Mass effect... ofc...

Halo is nowehre near the scope and complexity of the Mass Effect universe... there is like no contest between the 2...

jrbeerman112807d ago

if you read the halo books the story and scope are much better than whats presented in the games.

that being said, i still give the nod to mass effect. the depth of the story is unparalleled.

im not talking about the reapers either, its the side stories such as the corruption of cerberus, the moral conundrum of the genophage, the way the different races treat and think of each other.

without all of the politics and racial issues created in universe we essentially have an astronaut trying to stop super machines from killing us, which doesnt sound all that deep.

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The story is too old to be commented.