Pixelated Sausage: Stacking Review

Pixelated Sausage reviews the newest Double Fine game, Stacking.

"Right from the start, the art (unintentional rhyme) and style hit all the right notes. Stacking is a beautiful game and pulls off the Russian nesting doll look perfectly. The designs, animation, and overall feel give off vibrations that this is a real world, filled with real, live nesting dolls."

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Kee2807d ago

The game is awful.
Just the whole concept of the game is terrible.
I got it for free off PSN Plus and I still feel like I've been scammed.
Deleted it after about 20mins, I don't know how you can say good things about this game. It does nothing well.

Handsome_Devil2807d ago

I actually loved the game, I've finished it in one setting though, but right now going to solve all the puzzles.

I myself thought it was a refresh from all these big name games, which to a point, follow the same formula of cover and shoot.

Kee2806d ago

Yeah but there's a reason they make so many of those games. They're good.
Stacking is just boring.

sjaakiejj2806d ago

This is one of the few titles, very few titles, of which the demo tempted me to buy the full game. It's actually really entertaining, and the game design is superb.