40GB PS3 as low as £299 in the UK

CVG has learnt from several sources that PS3 is about to step up to the console war in a big way.

"Speaking off the record (which means we can't name names), we've been told by sources in both the publishing and retail sectors that PS3 is on the verge of receiving a massive price cut - to £299."

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kn4041d ago

Maybe Sony is Planning this today or tomorrow to try to counter Halo 3 hype and keep a few people from buying a 360 console...

nasim4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

since a 299 pound ps3 would probably kill x360 in EU and UK (x360 is already dead in JAPAN)


If that happens i expect 3--5 m ps3s sold in EU between October and December.

I expect 100 m ps3s being sold in EU over ps3's entire lifetime.

BTW :- 20 gig ps3s were never launched in EU. In UK/EU u just have the 60gig and the 80 gig.

UK consumers want nothing but a price cut

hazeblaze4041d ago

While I'm pretty sure that Sony will sell 1M in Europe regardless of a price cut... I'd say that they may sell an extra 1M with the price cut. However... 3-5M is probably just a tad bit optimistic, lol.

QuackPot4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Special packages at best for old stock run-out - including non-rummble controllers.
My guess is the TRUE price cut will come Xmas and if they've got rid of all the old controllers, maybe an early arrival of RUMBLE.

The 40G ps3 is a rumour of the worst sort because it defies logic & commonsense. I suspect this is deliberate flame bait for the fanboys to come running once it proves to be false.

Watch this space.

Trick Nolte4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

@NAsim or Mr.Bubble(down to 1 hunh?) LOL - Just 2 years ago America was SONY LAND. Since then Sony has lost its stronghold on America Soil. I dont think it would be wise for Sony to have the same arrogant attitude that they had here in the U.S.

They thought that people would run out and spend 600usd on a Sony product just because it brandished a PS logo.

You cant josh around and assume anywhere is Sonyland outside of Japan and even there its more Nintendoland than Sony.

I've seen your posts and I see how much you adore Sony so dont get offended by this. I dont want Sony to fail either dude but they have GOT to get their asses on the ball before MS waxes their ass like a candle.

MS isnt playing around and they are coming with some quality sh!t, Bio, Halo3, NG2. These are games people can play now and they want to!

I'm extremely excited about the upcoming PS3 AAA titles like MGS4, FF13 and Yakuza(possible AAA). But Ms is striking while the iron is hot and its time for Sony to strike right back HARD brfore its toooo fuggin late! That lax attitude Sony got goin aint helpin sh!t.

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Naruto4041d ago

Wow... that would be big

Real gamer 4 life4041d ago

well this pretty much confirms it. they are just waiting for the right momment to announce it. If they announce it on the day that halo was soppust to release you think this might mees up the X box 360 sales?

AngryHippo4041d ago

....think this will mess up the 360 sales. I am a strong believer that software is what is going to drive the sales this Christmas, and Microsofts is second to none. Sony on the other hand are probably going to be reliant on this price drop to sell consoles. I know if i had a choice this christmas, i would pick the 360 due to some great titles on the way and great online service. If PS3 had the software, i would pick that, but quite frankly right now it doesn't. I own both consoles and can firmly say which one is my preference.

hazeblaze4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Well, I to own both consoles and can firmly say that the PS3 is my favorite. It definitely has the game line up that I'm most looking forward to this holiday. Outside of Halo and Mass Effect, EVERYTHING else is a multiplat game... so I find it hard to believe that their lineup is 2nd to none.

The three games that I'm looking forward to the most this holiday are all on PS3: Ultimate Tournament 3, Uncharted, & Ratchet & Clank: TOD!!!

Greatly looking forward to Haze too... but more so just to see how good of a game it really is. But the point is that, it really is just a matter of opinion. And with a price cut, there are PLENTY of games available (even now) to persuade gamers to pick up a PS3. (Heavenly Sword is the most incredible action title I've played in years... it truly pushes the art form to an entirely new level).

Delive4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

People who are going to but a 360 for halo already have done so. People going to buy halo already have it pre-ordered and have no plans to cancel this. If Sony has/had any plans to counter Halo 3's release, it's too late. I have a 360 solely for Halo 3. I knew that I could only play it one place, so I had to drop the money for it. I play the rest of my time on the PS3 and PC. On occasion, I touch my Wii for brief pleasure.
LOL, sorry. I play with my w..., no. I turn on my w.... no. What can a guy do with his Wii that cannot be taken the wrong way? I let my GF play with it too. She likes the Wii Sports.

vidoardes4041d ago

Delive - Whatyou touch for brief pleasure is your business, this is a public forum, keep it clean :p

Back on topic, I agress that a price cut this late in the game would have absolutly zero impact on Halo 3.

Any one who really wants it would already have it pre-ordered, and if they didn't manage to get a preorder, they would already have a 360 and would buy it later.

Anyone who isn't a massive halo fan, but wants to play it... well, they ain't gonna buy a console for one game, because they simply arn't that into gaming, so they either have a 360 and are umming and arring about getting the game, or they are console-less.

To those without a console yet, it's all about here and now. A casual gamer with £300 to spare wouldn't sit there and look at whats coming, they would pick up a 360 and a game instead of a PS3 on it's own, because it makes sense to them at the time.

But Halo 3 aside, a £300 PS3 would shift serious units in the EU, UK especially because it has always been a Sony territory. At the right price point, brand loyalty does affect consumer decision. So many casual gamers in the UK have had (and still are having) great gaming for 10 years with Sony, and are waiting for the PS3 to fall into their price bracket (although it has to be said a portion of those have picked up a 360 cause they are sick of waiting).

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Laxe4041d ago

It will be interesting to see how this will increase PS3 sales (if at all).

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