Man Arrested For Real Life Mario Kart Incident

VGChartz - A man has been recorded driving around in a kart wearing a Mario costume throwing bananas at ongoing traffic, as well as attempting to steal bananas. He gets chased around by a couple of security figures from various locations and ends up getting arrested.

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Dark_Charizard4608d ago (Edited 4608d ago )

Truly great stuff!

ALFAxD_CENTAURO4608d ago (Edited 4608d ago )

Remi most of the time gets arrested by the police.

Probably the police station already know him.

FishCake9T44608d ago

Remi knows how to live life.

Eamon4608d ago

lol, this isn't the first time Remi Gaillard has been arrested.

fatstarr4608d ago

he does shit like that all the time he has a ton of videos.

Nitrowolf24608d ago (Edited 4608d ago )

wtf is this
god yes i love how he goes into the store

HK64608d ago

He wouldn't have gotten caught if he was bowser.

LordStig4608d ago

He wouldn't have gotten caught if he didn't flip off the cops.

Wenis4608d ago

Yeah, but that was the icing on the cake.

JoshuaN4G4608d ago

You should check out his other stuff it's pretty entertaining.

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badboyz09167d ago

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