USA Today: Halo 3 lives up to the hype

So the big question is: Does Halo 3 live up to the hype? Absolutely.

Score: 9 stars (out of 10)

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ironwolf4094d ago

I'll be first, then.

A bit more visibility to the country at large than IGN or XBoxPS3Wiiwhatever don't you think? Good job Bungie, you to MS. Keep the hits coming, and you'll make it, guys.

bluebrad19744094d ago

This review was probably more important than all gaming media sites combined.

felidae4094d ago (Edited 4094d ago )

i played the first 2 levels of the single player campaign in a local videogamestore.

so here are my impressions (i'm a huge halo fan, so please don't bash me)

1. the graphics are not good - there are jaggies all over the place. sometimes the graphics shine, sometimes they're too damn dark

2. controls feel a bit wobbly .. if you get what i mean

3. enemy AI is the best i've ever seen

4. the game is freakin' hard

5. single player feels like you're playing a multiplayer match

6. weapons in Bioshock are much better

7. Resistance's single player is much more fluid and fun

8. oh man, ... the graphics

these are my first impressions after playing 1 hour of Halo 3

to me, the game is totally overhyped but i will share my final impressions of the whole game in a few days .. or maybe hours?

Mr VideoGames4094d ago

i dunno what your Smokin but you mine getting me some, i could of sworn i saw you Bashing 360 News earlier

JOLLY14094d ago

Dude seriously make up your mind. You should try and keep your stories straight. I don't think anyone is buying your anti-hype. btw is anti-hype a word?

Kuest4094d ago

Now why don't you tell all the other reviewers what biased, ignorant jerks they are for giving Halo 9s and 10s

About the article- meh.

They're a little too late, everything now just seems like a copy and paste of yesterday's reviews. So yeah, we get the picture Halo 3 rocks! Unless, of course, you happen to be Idontcare- then Halo 3 sucks compared to Resitence.

The Real Joker4094d ago

You have a huge post history of bashing the 360, its games, service, online component, and fans...but somehow you are a Halo fan and have nothing but negative things to say. Shocker! Seriously, there isn't anyone here that buys your [email protected] so please go f#ck yourself.

sticky doja4094d ago

If you actually did play Halo 3 already, since it was at a local video store I doubt it was on a 1080p tv, so you can't honestly talk about the graphics, because the game runs at 1080p/60 frames. With that, you can't have mind blowing graphics like Gears (720p/30 frames)and you wont get Gears graphics on any current gen system @ 1080/60, but the graphics do kick ass, and you can see for miles. I have played through the first 4 or so levels (wasn't counting, just enjoying) and I can say that the game is freakin awsome. I love the sound the most (one of the soldiers in the game asked me (Master Chief) if he could be my friend, it was hilarious. Multiplayer is kick ass as well. I will get back to finishing the fight when I get off work, but you need to get back to comming up with more excuses why you don't like the 360.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4094d ago

That's living up to the hype? This game is great I'm sure. But XBOX 360 fans brought this on themselfs. 9/10 is not good enough for a game that was suppose to end all games. it needed a 100/10 to live up to the hype.

Hugh Hefner4094d ago

Keep trying lighting... "Halo 3 lives up to the hype"... deal with it.

nobizlikesnowbiz4094d ago

Turdface McGee posting his usual crap.

JOLLY14094d ago

or was that heavenly sword? Is it weird that the best game on the ps3 is a remake (not a port) of an original XBOX game?

Lightning Mr Bubbles4094d ago (Edited 4094d ago )

that was suppose to end all games. Not Heavenly Sword or poor sucky ass Lair.

I'm just saying the truth 9/10 is not good enough for the game that is suppose to define this generation of consoles. Unless this generation is all about rehashes in High Def.

spikormikor134094d ago

So Lightning, how much of Halo 3 have you played?

power of Green 4094d ago

Games don't get 10's across the board you're really pushing it. You are one of the only Sony fanboys not on ignor and due to your child-like logic and reasoning you don't piss me off that much but you are really reaching and making me mad with your spam. Halo 3 is solid with FPS action with great feature and vehicle combat with sh*t loads of future content on the way for downloading.

GameOn4094d ago

Sorry but if you learn to count you will realise that you cant get 100/10. I suggest you go read one of the reviews that gave the game 10/10.

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nobizlikesnowbiz4094d ago

Respect your opinion. No flaming here.

I'll let you know my impression in about 9 hours. Or maybe longer if I can't release my grip from the 360 controller.

reaperxciv4094d ago

wait a couple more hours before the sh*t hits the fanboys

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