Bioware Moves to Control Fans' Voices

Bioware tell fans to finance fansites without advertising or sever ties with Bioware.

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DragonKnight2808d ago

Ah developers, always looking out for their fans.

Oh wait..

Omega Archetype2807d ago

Yeah, that's just dumb. Why would anyone spend money on a fansite? If you're going to go that far might as well make it about an entire platform or just gaming in general.

Sometimes even the most accomplished developers act like complete douches and/or senseless idiots (Square Enix, who I used to think was the best developer, is a prime example!)

sjaakiejj2807d ago

I understand where they are coming from, even though I feel this is not the way to go. But truth of the matter is that, given that these fansites accept donations, they are in fact earning money on Bioware's material.

On top, marketing wise it's risky to have a direct line with Bioware, as the information doesn't go through several channels to ensure that it's good for the game. Add to that accidental reveals, and you've got a risky relationship.

By doing this they are reducing fansites to a number of which they know are dedicated to support, rather than damage, their game.

SuperKing2807d ago

Don't understand whats the big deal about this.

GTPlanet is one of the largest community forums on the internet and PD and Sony just turn a blind eye to it, sometimes even endorse the website.

Silver3602807d ago

It is harsh, but by having ties to Bioware means that Bioware endorses any advertisements that are on those websites. So these companies get the clout of Bioware without paying for it to sell their products.

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