Battlefield 3: what we know so far

A roundup of all the confirmed information and details regarding Battlefield 3.

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ATiElite2895d ago

We know that it's not all over the Internet like Crysis 2 and hope EA doesn't allow BF3 to get leaked.

bageara2895d ago

24 players sucks! Empty Battlefield 3

Vorgier2894d ago

Just be lucky they are even putting it on consoles.

PC better not suffer from it.

Mr_Shuttlezworth2895d ago

EA does not actually create the games, they are just a publisher. They basically foot the bill for development, marketing, and manufacturing. In return they most likely will gain ownership of the IP and receive a considerable amount of the profits made from the game.

The way Crysis 2 leaked (Unfinished) happens very rarely... Because of this circumstance i would assume the leak would have to have been internal, within Crytek themselves. Most games and media are leaked from the factory where they press the disc, so once the game goes gold you can basically guarantee your going to see start popping up on the internet. This is just another by-product of the internet age, and it is something we will just have to deal with.

ATiElite2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Really? Are you sure? cause of all the bitching and moaning about PC Piracy I could of swore a bunch of PC gamers lead by Cpt. Jack Sparrow broke into Crytek Studios using commando style tactics.

connected their PC's to the Crytek mainframe and started seeding the game out to world and then sneaked back out of the building after 150% seed of course before Crytek employees came in the next morning.

EA or Crytek leaked this game themselves on PURPOSE. back in the day when the Source engine was stolen from Valve, all steps were taken so no studio would suffer this kind of crippling event again.

Mr_Shuttlezworth2894d ago

I know they leaked it themselves, thats what i said to begin with...

Your comment contradicts your previous comment... Personally i dont care if people pirate games or not, if you read my original post you would understand this.

They cant stop leaks. They cant stop piracy. Just live with it, and stop complaining about it.

plb2895d ago

It's a multiplayer game and EA has that online system with unique keys so a leak would be more or less pointless.

Nelson M2895d ago

Well we know it's a Shooter
Not in the Killzone league of Shooters
But still its a Shooter competing with the likes of Cod

iistuii2895d ago

Not in the Killzone league, thank god for that. I want more than an average shooter that relies on it's looks.

Klepto2895d ago

By Killzone league do you mean the league of completely mediocre and bland shooters?

awi59512895d ago

Yeah you never played a battlefield on good pc the console versions was always bad ripoffs. And killzone doesnt have anywhere near the massive maps a battlefield game has. Plus battlefield games have 64 players with, jets, attack choppers, gunboats, attack jeeps, and tanks that fight on a huge maps you cant see to the other side of. If killzone tried to render all of that it would explode lol. Man what are you smoking.

LunaticBrandon2895d ago

"Not in the Killzone league of Shooters "

I would hope so. Battlefield has always been above average. If Battlefield 3 ended up being a below average shooter that would be disappointing to a lot of people.

lil Titan2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

@ Nelson M, iistuii, klepto, awi5951, LunaticBrandon
all of you is retarded, why cant there be just two good games that come out without having to compare them? its childish first off and saying Battlefield is better on PC is stupid, to each is own brother. i like a certain way of playing and so do you. it sounds like "my dad can beat up your dad" arguments. all of you and anyone else who adds fuel to this little flame doesnt need to play either games, GROW UP!

awi59512894d ago

Battlefield was made for pc and plays that way the console versions always tried to shoe horn controls that was made for pc. Sorry its just better to play it the way it was meant to be played.

lil Titan2894d ago

i like Battlefield on PS3 you saying its better on PC isnt going to make me go and get a new PC, to each is own. its better to play Battlefield on what ever console, system, pc anybody prefers thats the way its meant to be played. Sorry but its to be enjoyed saying its better on pc is your opinion and always will be

jdktech20102895d ago


Killzone should be good but it's not in the elite class of shooters like Battlefield always has been....even the "bad" one in BC2 is still an excellent game.

I like Killzone but come on....even most fanboys don't believe this

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arjman2895d ago

BF3 doesn't deserve to be compared to scum like CoD

Js2Kings2895d ago

"No mod tools"

Woah what why? Anyway I wish I get this on PC esp. with 64 players, but my PC to crap to handle those graphics, the map, and that amount of players.

LunaticBrandon2895d ago

People have horrible comprehension. DICE is focusing on the vanilla game for now. There might be mod tools later but for now they're not working on them so its of the highest quality unmodded.

jdktech20102895d ago

I think it's that the frostbite 2.0 is a pain to change on a global scale like mods would require and they want to focus on getting the game done considering the team is bigger than the BC2 team by a wide margin.

I would rather have a ridiculous game and get mod tools 6 months from release than a meh game iwth mod tools at release...just me though