Halo 3 will earn Microsoft $560 million

According to L.A. Times' calculation of 10 million units sold at an average price of $70 each, Halo 3 will earn $700 million - of which Microsoft is expected to take 80 percent, or $560 million.

Considering that Halo 3 cost $30 million to develop, another $20 million to market and Microsoft is apparently paying out a staggering $25 million in bonuses to Bungie employees, Microsoft still gets to keep nearly $500 million of spare change.


According to referenced sources at Wikipedia, Halo: Combat Evolved has sold 5 million units; Halo 2 has sold 9.2 million units.

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Daz4959d ago (Edited 4959d ago )

Damn thats alot of doller from a game.

Mr Marbles4959d ago

25 million in bonuses!!!! holy crap! very generous of M$ and very lucky Bungie employees.

nobizlikesnowbiz4959d ago

They deserve it for pouring their hearts into the game for the last 3 years.

Not including all the time spent on Halo 1/2.

Even though a lot of dev's spend over 50 hours a week working on games, these guys deserve any bonus they get for bringing us all such a great experience.

But yea that is a lot of dough to spread around in the Bungie offices.

Evil0Angel4959d ago

add to that the licining and accesories +consoles to be sold.....
that why Peter More called it A BILLION DOLLAR FRANCHIES

iceice1234959d ago

They mean when it's said and done. Which will be years. So that's many more 360 owners.

Xi4959d ago

because it will continue to sell for years after the initial release and it will be bundled with consoles etc. The game will sell over 10million copies. Maybe not right away but over time.

Darkiewonder4959d ago

But if lifetime. I wonder will they be counting the PC version [oh you know it's inevitable for a Halo3 on PC in a few months to a year]

hazeblaze4959d ago

Actually, I doubt it will EVER sell that much... there will be far more exciting shooters out just within the next year alone. After the first 6 months, sales of any game plummit. But time will tell.

The Brave 14959d ago

halo 3 is actually halo 2.75. its the same fukin graphics in hd.same freaking game with a lame story.its amazing what 35 million dollars in marketing can do to a game.Its a shame that some gamers are blinded by this stupidity.IN my opinion halo is not even in the top 3 in fps this holiday.1)COD4 2)UT3 3)HAZE 4)Crisis

crck4959d ago

Then they cant put the price at $70. A year later the game will retail for less because the used market will be flooded with them.

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The story is too old to be commented.