GameInformer: Three Billion Hours A Week Are Spent Gaming, Is It Worth It?

McGonigal explained that games are not a form of escapism, and in fact, help power you up in real life so when billions of hours are spent gaming a week, it can do gamers some good. She said the average gamer will have played 10,000 hours by age 21 with 99 percent of male gamers (94 percent for females) under the age of 18 playing five days a week. So what are these positive side effects?

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Hockeydud192831d ago

A doctor that actually things gaming is good for you? Say what! That's my kinda girl right there lol

ULTIMATE_REVENGE2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

She's at a gaming conference so of course she's going to compile a tiny list of good side effects. The fact that family bondage is increased only when your all gathered together staring at a screen is sad and frightening.

Why doesn't she pull out the 2 mile long list of bad side effects Hmmmmm? How accurate are her studies? Is there anyone who's countered her results?

People only like to hear the very little good side effects about their habits, but when researchers show you the bad side you say "they're wrong" or some other lame excuse.

Gaming for several hours five days a week is bad and neither is it beneficial in any way. An ancient man would laugh at us if he saw us spending hours every day staring at a screen.

rezzah2831d ago

Its not beneficial to anyone in the world when a person games, however to that person alone the enjoyment of gaming is beneficial to them. Not on just a level of entertainment but it depends on different people.

Maybe gaming can be a way to bond with other people for a certain person or it could be a way to learn how to view the world in different ways.

If you try to learn off the things that entertain you then that in itself is great reason to continue your hobby. However If you have a hobby for the sake of entertainment only then yes, you are throwing your life away.

Man In Black2831d ago

The way I see it, we only have one life, might as well spend it doing what we love.

ULTIMATE_REVENGE2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

People get entertainment out of killing, I guess that's a reason for them to continue. When your getting enjoyment out of doing something artificial then I don't call that beneficial, and when you're getting enjoyment out of harming yourself or others, then neither is that beneficial.

"Maybe gaming can be a way to bond with other people for a certain person or it could be a way to learn how to view the world in different ways"

Humans have never needed a screen and a game console to bond before, so why is it that in the past 20+ years some of us have? the societies getting messed up that's why.

@MIB: So you enjoy while 2/3 of the population suffer? That's call wasting life, you're not here to play games and do nothing for society.

That fact that we have to resort to something artificial as a means of enjoyment is sad.

rezzah2831d ago

Your right Ultimate. There always is a negative to a positive and vice versa. But no matter how much you may try it is quite complicated to change the world into something happier. Despite the pain throughout the world there will be some happiness. Whether its given to us or we find it our selves through different things (ex. gaming, which is sad if we depend on it).

The reason why humans never needed a screen before is because of the evolution of technology. The race has become lazier with more technology. If possible, we'd have machines doing our work for us. Society is always changing and like technology it evolves too. The way people interact with one another is not completely the same the way we commonly interacted 20 years ago.

Also Society has always been messed up, not due to the fact about how we communicate but through a lack of complete understanding for one another.

Not everything can be easily changed as some of the causes for pain in the world is created subconsciously. To make a better world you have to control the very life of humans to your desire for that "better world". So in other words its not possible.

Belasco2831d ago

Got to agree with you, and add to that the fact that alot of people spend 8-10 hours per day staring at a screen at work.

HacSawJimThugin2830d ago

If you didn't get the memo this is a site for gamers....go write for FIX News or something cause we don't wanna hear that shit!!!

TheHardware2831d ago

answering this question, Is it worth it?

Ninver2831d ago

Posting in this article, was it worth it?

DarkBlood2831d ago

posting in this article to ask another who posting, was it worth it?

Ninver2831d ago

LOLing...was it worth it.

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