Xboxliveaddicts, Exclusive Crysis 2 Q&A with Nathan Camarillo

Nathan Camarillo says, "With Crysis 2 we are delivering a very solid package for gamers. Depending on your play style the Singleplayer offers more than 10 hours of gameplay your first time through and the Multiplayer adds up to 50 more hours of gameplay fun. It is important to remember that Crysis 2 levels follow a methodology we call a “choreographed sandbox” so you will have a great time playing the missions more than once as you try different tactics and playstyles"

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Ace_19752807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

How about you show us the PS3 version or you will not get any sales.?

I want to see the PS3 version running, before I buy it, do you understand ENGLISH? Where is the PS3 version?, you talk the talk now walk the ****ing walk and stop hiding your game away a few weeks before launch.