5 Must Own Original PSN Games, Including a Trailer of Each

Original games mean that they're new IPs or proper sequels (e.g. Pacman championship edition dx), and not remakes (e.g. Mortal Kombat). With Pixel Junk Shooter 2 around the corner (March, 1st), I thought I'd share 5 original PSN games that you should check out.

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leotorrentes2804d ago

Pixel Junk Shooter is a must have for every ps3 owner ...psn rocks

Criminal2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

PSN rocks indeed, and Joe Danger is the best game, imo.

Rage_S902803d ago

Flower>>>>>> >>>>>>>eve rything else

goflyakite2803d ago

Flower is one of my favorite PS3 games.

dredgewalker2804d ago

I'm interested in trying out PJ Shooter since you put it in that light :)

Theonik2803d ago

You should have got it in the Xmas sale. I got it then, love it also got AfterBurner Climax, it's fun, especially for the 3-4 euro i paid. Great games for the price of a sandwitch? Yes please.

Close_Second2803d ago

My only complaint with PJS...too damn short. PJS-2 should have been DLC for PJS, kind of like how they extended PJ Monsters with an additional island.

By the way, I would take a sequel to PJM any day of the week. Its still their best game.

Hitman07692804d ago

PSN is the gift that keeps on giving. I've yet to check out Joe Danger but I think I should!

Criminal2804d ago

It's worth $15, but maybe you should wait for a discount.

dredgewalker2804d ago

Joe Danger is a gem, I also got Pacman just for the nostalgia.

Criminal2804d ago

@Dredge Walker

What about shatter? I think it's on sale I got 2 weeks ago for $3.99.

dredgewalker2804d ago


I haven't tried Shatter, but for that price I might purchase it to support these devs.

Theonik2803d ago

@Criminal, i got it 2 euro in the Steam treasure hunt. Fun game is fun.

Ocelot5252803d ago

bought shatter, but I'm very disappointed with it

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dredgewalker2804d ago

God that game was fun and worth every penny! I finished it so many times to improve my time and zombie kill status. My favorite all time weapon is the shotgun.

Dante1122804d ago

Yeah, I wanna try out that Dead Nations. Looks like fun. Hopefully my tax money comes through soon.

Ravage272803d ago

Love the challenge that is missing from so many games this gen. The graphics are incredible for a DL title and the awesome lighting has both cosmetic and gameplay purposes.

My personal top 5 recommendations would be DeadNation,WipeoutHD+Fury,Pixe ljunk Monsters,JoeDanger and FatPrincess.

Rynx2803d ago

Yeah Fat Princess is great! And I'm thinking about Pixeljunk Monsters

Sizzon2803d ago

Dead Nation and Fat Princess are a blast to play also :)

but Joe Danger is awesome and so is Battlefield 1943 (my favourite one, playing it here and there and there are alot of people still playing it)

dredgewalker2803d ago

My daughter loves Fat Princess next to LBP. I tried playing Dead Nation with her but she's just not into zombies cause they ain't cute :)

bart9992803d ago

I didn't love PJ:Shooter myself. PJ:Monsters was more my type of game. But I agree, PSN is turning out some awesome stuff.

I would have added; Flower, Everyday Shooter, Echochrome, Fat know, PSN exclusives maybe? lol

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