There Will Be No Collector's Edition Of Twisted Metal

"David Jaffe just confirmed that Twisted Metal won’t be getting any kind of Collector's Edition."

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SonyNGP2896d ago


I would've loved to see a diecast Ice-cream truck toy included :/

Abash2896d ago

A Sweet Tooth mask like the one Jaffe has would of been ideal for the CE

Blaze9292895d ago

I would've bought one if it came with an HD remake of Twisted Metal Black & Head On.

Other than that, CEs are a waste of money to me imo.

dredgewalker2895d ago

The problem with any collectible is that it shouldn't be opened to preserve its value.

BiggCMan2895d ago

HEY HEY HEY!!! Should we trust him? After all, he owned all of us at E3 last year with the announcement of the game, when he himself "confirmed" it wasn't being made. Plus he says theres no plans "at the moment", and its not even his call if there was one.

DigitalRaptor2895d ago

@ dredgewalker

Well, I'm sure any person who holds any sort of sentimental value to these collector's items would want to have them for the sake of owning them rather than thinking about their re-sell value.

That's why I buy collector's editions.

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FFXI1012895d ago

I'd love to see that plus some crazy in-game weapons.

SwilloTGL2896d ago

Ya, or a transforming ice cream truck.............or a sweet tooth bobble head :)

dredgewalker2895d ago

A transforming truck would be awesome and might change my opinion of collectors edtion releases if done right. It should be die-cast or a model like Bandai Master Grade's.

Kon2896d ago

Collectors edition are a waste of money imo. Never bought.

GodofSackboy2895d ago

Finally. Someone shares my opinion. I don't understand why people on this site will shell out like £80 extra for a toy or some crap

InTheZoneAC2895d ago

I bought the LBP2 collector's for the book ends and the DLC. But before that I couldn't even tell you the last time I bought the collector's version of a game, was probably Assassin's Creed 1 that I got for Christmas which was 3 years ago.

maverick402895d ago

If you collect games like I do, collectors edition are a nice addition.

dredgewalker2895d ago

I laughed at my brother for getting the collectors edition of Dead Space 2. The plasma cutter was poorly made and it looked really cheap.

dredgewalker2895d ago

If I could wear the helmet then I would consider buying the KZ3 collectors edtion.

ScentlessApprentice72895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

It was only $100 and the Pandora's Box replica looks amazing as a stash box. Yeah!

With the Helghast edition going for $130, I decided to instead use the $70 premium over the standard edition to buy a Move controller and see how well KZ3 plays with Move. To see if Move really does improve playability and is worth its weight with hardcore titles.

UnwanteDreamz2895d ago

I have bought some CEs and I am almost releived they wont be doing one. Now no pressure to get the CE.

Blaster_Master2895d ago

one man's trash is another man's treasure.

Rainstorm812895d ago

I agree collector edition went from something unique, to a tack on to pad the price tag , I mean seriously cod and halo had three versions! Then every game gets a CE, u get unproven ips and crap games getting limited and collectors editions.

This is actually the rare case a game warrents a Ce just because of its history, but id still get the regular version

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GavLam882895d ago

Thats disappointing for die-hard fans. As some have already suggested, Ice-cream truck and Sweet-tooth mask would have been awesome inclusions. I personally would not get the collections edition, just because of how much they usually cost. Rather have another game. Saying that though...if it had a mask it would be perfect for dress-up occasions ;)

Baba19062895d ago

cant wait for this game. =D its gonna be the most fun ever =D.

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