A 'Different' Kind of Halo 3 Review

This is a different review to all the rest...put like this in the article ''Stay here to read Bungie's review of how I played "Halo 3."''

So, bungie themselves are reviewing how a previous non Halo fan plays Halo 3. Should make an interesting read for all you Halo 3 fans out there.

Enjoy it.

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Sangheili854041d ago

Wow talk about Fanboy kids.

"Bad Editing: (3 hours ago)
Bunnie.. This is biased bunny review. enough of the ghalo 3 reviees

Reported by: cloud360"

Fanboys are getting more and more scared of a good game just because it's on the 360? I don't get it? How could people be so young and narrow minded. I mean if i kept hearing how MGS4 is getting great reviews and plays awesome i would be happy as a gamer. Not bash it because it's on a PS3. I mean thats one more game that makes me and i'm sure many many more people want to buy another system. Reviews are good the more the better gives people a idea of how good that game is or how bad it is. (Lair) Seeing a game over hyped by the producer and system I.E. Sony/Microsoft doesn't make me want to buy it.
Now seeing a bunch of reviews saying how good it is makes me want to buy it (Bioshock, Warhawk).
Little fanboys need to grow up and learn gaming in general is good for us. If the 360 wasn't around i can pretty much GUARANTEE YOU the PS3 wouldn't be anywhere near as powerful and good it is. I mean they wouldn't need to try so hard if they didn't have any competition.
I hope there is a PS4 and Xbox720/3

Dukester1014041d ago

Good review of a review... it's good to see that the Bungie team really does care about hell well their game performs. They make it seem like it's not really about the money, and it really is about the fans.

It's nice to have a game developer that makes you feel like that, even if the underlying factor is indeed money.