Dead Space: first 12 shots, official site opened

EA has fomally announced Dead Space, a brand new sci-fi survival horror that's being billed as a videogame imagining of Event Horizon and Alien. Check out the first 12 screens below.

See the alternative sources below for the link to the official site.

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AngryHippo4044d ago

....looks quite cool. Hope EA don't f-it up.

ThaGeNeCySt4044d ago

Great... Now I can be a Big Daddy in space =]

InMyOpinion4044d ago

I don't get it. All these developers talking about making 'psycological horror games'. They fail to realize that the psycological fear goes to waste when they end up making games were the only scary thing is the way the enemies look. It's scary for 2 mins then you get used to it and the game feels like any other third person shooter. You don't even think about what it is you're shooting at. They should make a game that is more sound/environment/lighting and mood oriented and not just focused on the killing. They need to build up the enemies character traits before they can make them scary, like Pyramid head from Silent Hill. The Silent Hill games have some of the mood traits I'm looking for, but after a while they also end up serving the player with mindless killing.

InMyOpinion4044d ago

I love the character design though, it's not often that the hero looks that evil. I'd love a psychological horror game were you play as an anti-hero, with multiple personalities if possible ;)

i Shank u4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

The newest G.I. mag. has a cover story on this game which got my hyped as all hell for it. A main gameplay mechanic is Dismemberment; since most of the weapons in the game are mining tools(a 3 beam plasma cutter is featured in the preview), you often dont have much ammo at all, and are forced to instead aim for the many dismemberment points on the creatures(pretty much a grotesque version of Halo's Flood). you also have a stasis gun, which freezes in time the object you shoot(lots of puzzles with this), and a Kinesis gun (telekinesis in a gun). So you can dismember the spiked arm of a necromorph, then use your kinesis gun to control the arm and cut cut his legs off followed by the head. sic!

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