Crysis 2 Leaked: Why you should care and support Crytek

GM writes: Three years later, its sequel Crysis 2 is about to be released in a month, but – there is a huge crisis the publisher EA and the developer Crytek have to face before that; an early BETA build of the game has been leaked for PC.

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Karooo2807d ago

Crytek deserves your money, the fate of PC gaming depends upon your choice.

ATiElite2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Come on, get real.
EA did this on purpose to build up hype cause Killzone 3 is all the rage right now plus Blops has a map pack coming out as well. This was a strategic strike by EA for free press and to get the game into the hands of gamers without spending one dime on a demo.

If the game is good people will buy it point blank. All this piracy talk crap needs to STOP and the focus needs to be on "how did this game walk out of EA's studio"? This is a rough Beta as the complete version will have the work that Nvidia did on it which is what I'm waiting to see.

Piracy is not killing anything, never has, never will. Alan Wake sold less than 800k units but was pirated more than 1.2 million times but Alan Wake 2 is in the works. Crysis was made for 3 platforms easily because of the advanced CryEngine 3 SDK and anything over 2 million units is all profit for EA and Crytek. Remember Crysis PC + Crysis Warhead sold over 5 million units. Crytek has Cash!

RonaldRaygun2807d ago

"Piracy is not killing anything, never has, never will. Alan Wake sold less than 800k units but was pirated more than 1.2 million times but Alan Wake 2 is in the works."

Sorry but if the game was pirated more than it was actually purchased, then it's a big problem. Many people didn't think there was even going to be an Alan Wake 2 because the first one wasn't a major success. If the game wasn't pirated, then it would have sold at least a few hundred thousand more copies, leaving no chance that Alan Wake 2 would come out.

The fact is that piracy ALMOST brought Alan Wake to the tipping point where it was unprofitable. It definitely brings a lot of other games past that tipping point, and that's a shame.

ATiElite2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Alan Wake has yet to break even. at 800K units sold that is not enough money to get back the amount spent on 5 years of development across two platforms. The PC version was canceled about 9 months to the release date. Then factor in the amount of money for advertisement. Alan Wake was a total financial loss including the small money made from DLC was not enough to recover the losses.
Enslaved sold less than 400K and Namco is considering a sequel for this console only game so Piracy is not an issue.

You can never count those that Pirated it as Lost Sales figures. Piracy is wrong and I make no excuse for it but I'm smart enough to know that.

1. Companies use it as a tool themselves (demo)
2. Pirated copies do not mean loss sales
3. If they wanted to they could stop it with an encrypted Key instead of a generic alpha/numeric key

Do you ever hear about IBM, Blackberry, or other HUGE companies having software pirated repeatedly every release, NO!

Sure apple and M$ have their software pirated but they can kill it when ever they want but why hassle when they made money off the hardware and other apps.

RonaldRaygun2807d ago

I know piracy doesn't automatically equal lost sales, that's why I estimated they lost out on a few hundred thousand potential sales instead of 1.2 million. That might be a little high of an estimate, but there's undeniably at least a small group of pirates who would have paid for the game if they couldn't get it for free. Even a loss of just 1k sales equates to somebody's salary.

And if Alan Wake didn't break even, then it's even worse that it got pirated so much. They really needed the money from the few pirates who would have paid for the game. If they weren't backed by MS, then this would be another case of a good game that doesn't get a sequel.

i_like_ff72806d ago

ATiEltite how paranoid and stupid are you? EA sent out a the full game in unfinished form with a shit load of bugs and missing elements including the higher graphical settings( something pc gamers played crysis for) for the sake of advertising instead of sending out a demo?

What kind of retarded logic is that?

AntoineDcoolette2806d ago

If what your saying had any merit to it.... explain why EA pulls down every single video of the single player.

evrfighter2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Crytek aint gettin jack from me and I'll be playing the campaign from beginning to end. Cervat Yerli blamed piracy on Crysis 1 due to poor sales in its first month on pc. Reality was when hardware caught up Crysis went on to sell 2.5million as of late 2008. I'd imagine close to 4 now.

He's one of the main reasons this whole "piracy is killing pc gaming" propaganda started. The other reasons were those poor excuse for an fps unreal 3, quake wars, who's developers went on to blame piracy as they couldn't understand why their crappy games weren't selling and people following NPD for pc sales.

He can kiss my ass.

rlm412806d ago

Actually guys look on VGChartz Alan Wake has almost sold 1 million now

Xfanboy2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

sooo killzone 3 leak was the same plan? o_O

you do know 4 million people pirated bfbc2!
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 3.96 million downloads
I have to say if the numbers become that massive crytek should leave pc all together!! Im sad to see them only make exclusive games for console and they are PC devs!!but our pc community deserves it I can't deny this!

BongSmack2806d ago

Your conspiracy theory is ridiculous. No developer or publisher in their right mind would want a beta to substitute a demo. Ignorant people who play the leaked version are going to think the game is some bug ridden piece of shit. Pirated copies DO mean lost sales. When I first got high speed internet 14 years ago, I pirated left right and center. Prior to that I bought my games. After a few years of that I realized how unfair that was so I started buying again. The point is, a lot of people who steal games would buy them if stealing them wasn't an option. Pirated copies DO equal lost sales.

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Drjft2806d ago

People are still going to buy this game. Sounds like a bunch of white knight elitist losers trying to rally the troops. What people fail to realise is that Crytek leaked this - not 'hackers' or 'pirates', Crytek did it.

And employee actively released the files. It was an internal build - fuck even the cut scenes label it that - and their networks are top of the line to prevent shit like this. Before you go pointing the finger, look at Crytek/EA and their involvement in the situation.


If anything its helped the game in some ways, I cancelled my pre-order after seeing the gameplay vids on youtube and i instead pre-ordered the Nano edition because I want something physical to represent the crysis universe in my room because when I seen that footage it blew me away and I had to have the best version of the game possible!

Also the guy who uploaded the vids and has the pirated version still said hes going to buy the full game upon release.

in a way we gamers needed to see some raw uncut gameplay which isnt come scripted stage demo. it makes the gameplay look 100 times better when its somebody just playing the game having fun.

IMO it will only boost sales for the game on consoles especially because people are checking these videos out and the comments are all saying it looks amazing.

Drjft2806d ago

Exactly man - nail on the head. I'll buy the game on PC and Xbox 360 if I have to make up for someone elses sale, I don't care.

Raw gameplay > scripted pre-rendered footage.

x8002806d ago

very true bro...i have been following crysis 2 since it was announced, registerd on crymod over 3 years, i even made a crysis sp map which was shitty lol but i got to know how the cryengine 2 works and game development works in general, and i could tell you that it is NOT an easy task it took me 8 month to build a shitty map even tho i had all the assists modles and such.

i hope it sells very well on pc,
i am getting it on pc, pre-ordered.

Pandamobile2806d ago

I showed a bunch of my friends Crysis 2 live on my computer the other day and they were literally gob-smacked.


Dr Face Doctor2806d ago

I feel like a beta tester when I play the beta, even though I know all of these problems will (probably) be fixed. There are obvious ones like f**ked up animations, enemy AI weirdness and frozen ragdolls, but there are stuff that I fear could accidently make it to the final game, like the fact that in one cutscene you can press 'A' to essentially restart it over and over because of the way the scene is structured (the 'A' button is a quicktime event which initiates a little scene, but during the scene you can press 'A' and re-initiate the scene).

Fun stuff.

Shackdaddy8362806d ago

The problem is that since the game got leaked, it is going to be delayed 2-4 more weeks. This is to re-make a masterkey and to redo disk pressing(which is probably 1-2 weeks in already) so that there wont be any hackers on the PC multiplayer. Without that process, the multiplayer will be full of hackers day 1.

So lets all say thank you to the douche who leaked the info...

Drjft2806d ago

This build is from January - it's not the final build.

Shackdaddy8362806d ago

It doesnt matter if its an old build. They will still have to do that to avoid hackers.

Zinc2806d ago

No... they don't. This version is an internal beta, which wouldn't even have any protection in it. So, this affects nothing in terms of their timetable.

Also, somebody on in EA or Crytek would have had to release this.

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