Xbox 360 Savior - "Why Halo 3 Will Decide The Xbox 360's Fate"

With Halo 3 hype soaring, people are already dreaming about fragging aliens, dual-wielding machine guns and taunting 12-year old kids when the sneak up behind them and put one in their head in a massive online battle.

But what many may not realize is that tomorrow's release of Halo 3 could be a watershed moment for Microsoft and the Xbox 360. With a blockbuster title that will surely captivate millions across the globe, the Xbox 360 will be the most played video game console for the month of October and should catapult the system to the top of the video game world.

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TriggerHappy4948d ago

All I know is this game is about to set records BIG TIME. This will be like the Spiderman movie in the game industry.

Danny Dan4948d ago

Its going to generated more money in the first day than Spidey... That's crazy, a video game doing that... ahahah

Did anyone think that guy was just, I don't know, a tad bit biased? Claiming already that the 360 is the victor of the console war. Hmm... or maybe I just read wrong?

SonySoldiers4948d ago (Edited 4948d ago )

Do not listen to xbots, they're just a heap of fungus who thought halo 3 the most popular game of all time. There's no such thing.

Either Final Fantasy or Grand Tourismo is the biggest franchise in the industry. There's a lot more better games for Playstation compared to Xcow. God of War series will beat the crap out of halo. OMG too many superb games coming for the PLAYSTATION 3!!!

Fasten your seatbelts people!

Kleptic4948d ago

Danny Dan...I agree...

He had some good points on the Wii, in that it has nothing coming up besides two 1st party mario games (which is all Nintendo ever has anyway) this year...they will help sales, but I agree with him that this may finally be when the Wii starts to slow down considerably...probably not until after the holidays, those in themselves will keep sales up...but there is barely anything for 2008 that looks half way decent for it imo...

The 360 will most definitely take this year...but if there is one thing that makes a "analyst" an ignorant retard...its calling winners when the race just started...his comments on the "Give up hope for the PS3, its already done" is completely wrong...The PS3 already has by far the most powerful lineup for early 2008 and after...and still has a great lineup for this year...It will not win any months in 2007 I would bet...but come KZ2, MGS4, FFXIII, etc in winter/spring 2008 it is hardly "dead in the water"...

this console war is not even 2 years old yet (not even one year considering 2 of the 3 consoles release times)...its really funny to have people saying "the wii will be close to winning, the PS3 won't, and the 360 is most likely to come out on top this generation"...when not even 10% of the race is complete...

Snukadaman4948d ago (Edited 4948d ago )

I dont remember standing in line at midnight for god of war 2 also....but I do remember standing in line at midnight for halo2....doing it for halo 3 tonight too.

lawman11084947d ago

Up to this point, the Playstation 3 has performed about as poorly as we can expect from a console. With no games to tout as deal breakers, the PlayStation 3 is dead in the water. And while some still hope for the days of Killzone saving the PS3's day, it's time to give up hope--nothing can save it now. And thats from
Boo-hoo, figures, I just bought one. At least I have a cheap Blue-Ray player

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Bloodmask4948d ago

"Up to this point, the Playstation 3 has performed about as poorly as we can expect from a console. With no games to tout as deal breakers, the PlayStation 3 is dead in the water. And while some still hope for the days of Killzone saving the PS3's day, it's time to give up hope--nothing can save it now."

"So before everyone runs out to tell the world that the Nintendo Wii will be the de facto leader going forward, it's incumbent upon all of us to realize that Wii sales are falling, Xbox 360 sales are rising and with Halo 3 right around the corner, that trend will only continue until the latter cements itself as this generation's console war victor."
This article contains true words of wisdom.

G_CodeMonkey4948d ago (Edited 4948d ago )

I don't find much to agree with his Sony quote--doesn't seem like he's too knowledgeable about the market. Surely better days are ahead for Sony, especially when they get the price down. KZ2/FF/Ratchet will drive sales (just as Halo3 WILL drive sales). A guy I worked with is strictly a platformer (Ratchet) and Tiger Woods, so he'll buy a PS3 when price meets his level. IMHO, this holiday will be huge (and next) as more and more people buy HD tvs and want to move from the PS2 (I had a PS2 and moved to the 360 after Sony's final delay of PS3s release)--note the HUGE Madden implications of more 360 sales than a Sony platform. gCM

Disclaimer: I have multiple 360s and take pride in skewing the "attachrate" higher (there are so many sweet games for me and family).

Edit: for the two who disagreed, I'd love to hear how you can disagree with that. Feel free to explain.

The Brave 14947d ago

Let all these xbots cheer all they want.They got outsold by 100 million units last gen.Sony ps2 has outsold xbox 360 every month since its been out except for august and sept.thats embarassing in my view.This guy should be fired for saying that nothing can save the ps3 now.This is ignorance at its best.Just be patient Sony supporters.They got halo3 and mass effect(KOTOR clone)as their big xclusives this year.Sony has haze,ut3,rachet,uncharted,hs,w arhawk,gt5 prologue.Our time is coming very soon,and besides it would not be fun if we just won right away.Sony has a great holiday line up,and come 2008 people will be like xbox what?and suk on my wii!sucks

tplarkin74947d ago

He had the guts to say that the PS3 can't be saved. I think that's the first journalist to ever suggest it. Usually, you hear that the PS3 "will eventually win".

I was surprised about his opinion on the Wii. He thinks the hype has ended.

He is right about software, though. The 360 sells tons of it.

BenzMoney4948d ago

Good article. I tend to agree with it - if Sony had gotten their act together before Halo 3 launched, it would've been a fight. But after this juggernaut lands, its all over.

razer4948d ago (Edited 4948d ago )

The console has been out for almost 2 years and it's doing just fine without freakin Halo 3!

Their are a bunch of titles that are better and more fun than Halo 3 already on the console.. So leave the drama fo yo fat momma

smack4948d ago

I am sure you Sony supporters realize that the 360 folks will not be visiting this forum for the next few months due to a certain game which shall remain nameless. Therefore, you will have ample opportunity to bash the 360 and the game, with no one attempting to rebut what you are saying.

Never the less, by now reality should have struck and you realize that Halo will make it very difficult for Sony to overcome MS at least in the US, and certain parts of Europe.

The best outcome they can hope for is a world wide tie for 2nd with MS, but that is not looking likely at this point. It appears that Sony
(like all companies do occasionally) miscalculated the market this generation. I anticipate that they will learn from their mistakes the next round of console releases and be much more competitve.

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