CVG: Battlefield 3 - What We Want to See

With Battlefield 3 now distinctly recognisable on the horizon, it's time to start cranking up the hype-machine as the FPS genre starts to glow with a new potential once again.

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Xfanboy2830d ago

guns would be awsome!!

ATiElite2830d ago

Ummm. how about Battlefield 3 on my SSD and me playing it. That's what I want to see.

Landing on an Aircraft Carrier (which I think is in there already)

Dart892830d ago

Idk how many would agree with me but i want no health regeneration.

RedDead2830d ago

Medic's should make a come back in full glory

S_C2830d ago

updated graphics for online. Loved BF:BC2 SP graphics but wernt fussed about the MP graphics

SwampCroc2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

you know those green dumpsters in BFBC2??? anyway, if you shoot them they don't move... I want to able to shoot that huge green dumpster with a tank and watch it fly across the screen and possibly kill someone regardless if they are my teammate or not... I just really, really want to do that...

I mean realistically a dumpster isn't going to just stay in it's place. it's gonna fly a few feet atleast.

Psychotica2830d ago

Offline multiplayer against bots. Better AI so they don't do stupid things like walk backwards.

Better matchmaking - stop putting me in games that end in under a minute. Let me pick that maps I want to play in and don't put in anything else. Let me quit to the main menu without loading the next map.

Better rockets for taking down helicopters like stinger missiles. The rockets in BC2 were useless for that.

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